Yeah, so first day, and I’ve felt like ass since around lunch. Did just fine for most of the morning. Then I could hardly get myself to walk. Yay poor sleep.

Tonight I have done a few stretches, and did some ab flexing while I was watching Psych tonight. I would have put forth more effort, but I really couldn’t even do much more than that. :(

For dinner we ended up having emergency take out because ALL of our meat was still frozen. I would have thoroughly burnt some fuck awesome chicken if I had tried to cook it, and then it wouldn’t have been so fuck awesome. :( So, tonight ended up being a fail all around.

Tomorrow night, my mom will not let me get out of working out, so I have to make sure I am well rested. Or at least not fully dead… ;)

Breakfast from the husband tomorrow! Hopefully starting my day off right! <3


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