The lunch that made me full!

Seriously, wtf? I ate as much as I normally do, but I didn’t want to eat my sandwich anymore, and ended up munching on my Baked Doritos for a half an hour! It’s quite amazing, lemme tell you. ;)

So, my sandwich was just a turkey and cheese one. Some mayonnaise and mustard. Not much, though. I used to slather it on when I was really little, I think I actually ate the mayo out of the jar at one point, too. Now I’m much better. ;D

I had a soda today. That’s because I was soooooooooo drained and needed to make sure I was perked up. Worked like a charm, and I should be fine for tonight. I cannot wait to see my fat ass on my mother’s 94″ projector wall TV. :D /sarcasm

MORE AFTER DINNER. Which…will be what we were going to have last night, just not frozen. >.>


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