Two-for-one! Woot!

Wait…they’re both free posts…. ;)

This morning was kind of bad. Still kind of bad now, but minus the BLINDING migraine. I couldn’t move one of my legs very well. So I stayed home with some ibuprofen, a heat pad, and rested for the first half of the day. Bending it was almost completely out of the question. Now, it only really hurts if I sit down or stand up. Won’t be doing those exercises on Kinect anymore (by which, I mean…not for a while). Part of me wants to switch up what I was originally going to do and just do the Kinect every night. Hmmm…I know my parents would be up for it, and I would be less likely to talk myself out of it since my parents will be bugging me to go up there….

I’m not sure if I will be trying today. Both my thighs are actually sore to the touch. I might just try some of the easy relaxing stuff it has.

Also, I need tighter pants. >:( Tighter on my legs. Seriously, Kinect does not like pants…at all.

Breakfast I had 2 eggs, over easy, and 3 pieces of bacon. It was nommy. Very simple breakfasts, I love them. I didn’t have a snack (mostly because I passed out), but for lunch I had a juice box (Berry Berry!), Tuna Salad on crackers, and a Oatmeal Creme Pie. Yeah, the creme pie was bad, but it was calling to me, and it would have ruined my day if I just ignored it. That was my allowance for the day, though (which, I rarely have anyway, but it’s always good to let yourself have one sweet to get the craving away). I have an apple and a yogurt for my afternoon snack. And my husband is making an amazing steak and potatoes dinner. <3 I don’t cook red meat or pork because I don’t have a lot of experience with it, and I don’t want to under cook the pork (the meat I can under cook for him, but not me…).

I will attempt stuff tonight, but probably just fun stuff on the Kinect. We shall see how it goes, though. ;) Stupid legs….


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