Hoo boy.

I totally meant to post last night, but I got high.

No, seriously. I took percocet and went retarded. :D

I didn’t do much other than stretching last night. I took a really hot shower (massaging shower head, ftw, and not what you think, either…get your mind out of the gutter), then I rubbed some muscle stuff on my legs (like IcyHot, but it’s the generic retard cousin of it….). Then I sat around and watched a couple episodes of Lie To Me with a heat pad on my thighs while stretching them, too. Woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Definitely exercising tonight, if only just doing light “Zen” stuff on the Kinect. ;)

Had French toast and bacon this morning. Didn’t eat it all. Going to start asking for less in the morning. I have yogurt planned for my first break, and then a nice PB&J for lunch with some pretzels. :D Excited.

Yaaaay! *spins off*


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