Oooh, well, I didn’t post this morning mostly because my husband was evil and bought Burger King breakfast. Seriously, probably the worst idea ever. Not only was 2 sandwiches too much for me (I gave half of one to Chris), but because my stomach really didn’t like it!

Normal yogurt was had for snack today!

Then I had one burger with everyone today. Decided I wanted that yumminess. Cannot deny me a 5 Guys….nope. Had 7 fries with it, too. Literally. Their fries are fucking greasy as shit, and really just don’t agree with me.

I have no idea what dinner tonight will be, but we do shopping tonight.

I have come to the conclusion that I strained a muscle in my leg (one of my quads). Having a very not physical job and not exercising for a few night definitely helped it, I think. I can walk mostly normal today without a lot of pain, so I am happy I will actually be able to do stuff tonight. (Last night nothing happened because of poor scheduling and me deciding I needed a fucking nap…that didn’t help out at all.)

So, that’s it for today! I will not be posting on the weekends as I’m lazy and I’m lucky if I remember to check my email or even get dressed. ;) Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend.


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