UNDER 280?!

Okay, seriously can’t believe that one. I didn’t think I was going to lose ANY weight in the first week.

So, I forgot to weigh myself on Saturday, and I don’t remember why. Didn’t remember to weigh myself until late last night, in which I just figured I would do it this morning before I ate.


I haven’t been under 280 in a while. Not since last June before I was put on meds that made me gain like…30 pounds.

This morning I’m eating muffins again. I know, bad, but last night was terrible, and I couldn’t do breakfast with the husband. On top of him only having about 5 hours of sleep before he worked last night, I had to pick him up at 4 am, and I don’t think I got to sleep until 2:45 (last time I remember seeing the clock), then I slept a little from 5-7:45 this morning. I am hoping to crash tonight, but I’m going to need a little extra sugar and caffeine to get me through the day.

Yogurt for a snack this morning!

I have NO idea what I’m having for lunch. I have to go make my car payment, and then I will be back to eat (or maybe I will eat before so I don’t get too mad at everything). I didn’t bring lunch because of what time I woke up, only my snacks since they are really grab and go. I will see what I’ve got going on here, though. Maybe I’ll have some tuna salad again….

Anyway! Hoping I lose more weight this week, seeing as I will be exercising more and trying to not eat ANY fast food. But I’m really hoping that I get to 275 at least this week. That will make me VERY happy. :D


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