3 days since my last update! Terrible, Missy. Terrible.

So, like I said, no exercise on Tuesday because, well, it was balls cold outside, and I didn’t want to have to walk in it to go up to my parents’ and back. Yeah, it sounds like a pathetic excuse, but it was -18 Tuesday night WITHOUT wind chill. It was BALLS COLD. I also had pizza for dinner, but I didn’t overeat. I’m getting better at portion control.

Wednesday was a generally normal day, minus the excruciating pain that my hand is giving out because of the therapy. I fucking hate it, and I hope it will get better, but it just seems to be getting worse right now. I ate all my normal stuff. PB&J for lunch, I think. Dinner was a bologna sammich!

Thursday, yesterday, was a fun day. I woke up and had breakfast with Chris. I woke up with a headache, though, so I decided after food to sleep an extra hour and go into work late (we have a very flexible schedule here). I woke up that hour later and immediately puked up my food. I decided going back to bed would be better. Woke up around 1, ate crackers for lunch, and then I later cooked some really awesome lemon pepper chicken with some homemade mashed potatoes (my first time by myself! it was a success). I was GOING to exercise, but by the time I got food done and got done eating, it was nearly 9, and too close to bed for me to be exercising.

Not that it mattered much. I was up until shortly before 4 am. Woke up shortly before 8 am. I would have been to work on time if it wasn’t for the fact that my husband decided to hang my pants up to dry instead of dry them in the dryer. As well as my “regular” hoodie for the winter. So I was an hour late into work anyway (I probably should have slept, but that might have made me worse today…).

Regular foods today! I don’t know what will be for dinner, but we might do something with my parents. I’m not sure just yet. Know I’m going to do game night (WHICH I WILL EXERCISE IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND, GOD DAMMIT >.<), but I wonder if they want to do dinner, too.

Btw, on Wednesday, I ended up getting the high score on the block break thingy on Kinect Shape Up thing (whatever it’s called….)! I got over 800 points, and then on the next one I got nearly 1000 points! Then I fizzled out and couldn’t do it anymore, lol. You get penis points for getting 800 on that portion of the game. I am really enjoying doing that. I hope I lost more weight this week! I really do. :D

Talk to you guys on MONDAY with my update on my weight! <3


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