Blah blah…something about exercise

I have no idea what to post that isn’t spewing hate at myself right now, so I’m really  not going to say much.

Didn’t exercise because I’m scared I’ll over do it or do it wrong and won’t feel it because of the vicodin. My tonsils are still swollen. There was no tuna in the machine today, so I had cheese and crackers for lunch. I don’t think that my body likes eggs much. :< Every time I’ve eaten some, my stomach just doesn’t like me for hours after. Probably won’t exercise tonight. I’ll be lucky if I eat. I have a flat right now, and am waiting on my husband to show up with the electric pump. I have a large feeling it won’t work, but I have to try it… :(

Today WAS okay, and then it just turned into a giant ball of suck when the only person that seemed to want to help me was Lorien, and all I asked her for was her phone. I just want to go home now. :<


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