Back on the bandwagon!


Really, though. I’ve still got swollen tonsils, but they aren’t drastically large anymore. The steroids helped, but they seem to be getting a little worse again. I am not happy about this.

After a week of being sick, and then Valentine’s Day on Monday, I’ve been gone from this for a little bit. Tonight I will be going back into it. Will probably be out of practice.

I haven’t weighed myself since the last time I posted about my weight, but I was weighed at the doctors last time I went. I was at 284. I really hope that isn’t true, but I’m not going to weigh myself again until Saturday (and hopefully have a reminder set up for it).


So, tonight, back on the bandwagon of getting rid of fat. My husband has set me up with goal treats, and stuff that most people wouldn’t think are treats. I think ~$100, dry-clean only pin-up style dresses are totally worth losing weight, lemme tell ya. ;) When I get to my first goal (which, I think might be something around 220, not sure yet, because that’s still 60 lbs), my husband said he will buy me one of those, and then we will get more when I’m even skinnier (at my final goal, don’t need a wardrobe full of clothing I can’t wear that costs a lot…). This makes me happy. Happier than a fat kid eating cake. Really. He loves that kind of style, and thinks I would look just amazing in it. Shit, I would dress like that all the time if I had the wardrobe for it. I love doing my hair like that and the dresses are just so pretty. :D So, I find that great incentive. Just have to get back into everything.

Ooh, also, my wrist has been hurting again. Only these past couple days, but I think I just need to pick back up with the physical therapy that made me feel worse. :< I think I will also start using weights with my exercises. We’ll see how that works tonight. :D

I think that’s it (lol – “it” was originally spelt “eat” – thinking ahead). Still eating small bits. It’s amazing how I can just STOP now. I love it. It is just so much better when I can stop eating the second I feel full. I still feel a little guilty for not being able to eat something all the way, but I have been able to justify not eating anymore recently. I’m so proud of myself. Now to continue with everything. :D


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