So, as you can see from my title, I just got done running.

…for a whole TWO MINUTES.

The app I have has you walk for 5, run for 1 alternately for 30 minutes. Not a bad idea, really. However, I underestimated the strength I would need to do more than 2 turns of it.

I got .75 miles and couldn’t do it anymore. Muscles cramped up like crazy. Just goes to show you how much not climbing that mountain for a month will make me out of shape. I walked back, though, instead of resting. Muscles are still slightly sore, but that’s okay. Water and some sitting for a bit will help that. :)

I’m not discouraged, though. I will try again in 2 days. Maybe I can go further then. If not, I will keep going until I can do the whole thing.

I should have, however, realize that an ear infection and ear buds might not be a great mix. Not in pain while listening to everything, but holy shit, do my ears feel funny now.

So, I’m not completely dead, but I couldn’t finish the entire thing. I will keep updates of all that I do throughout the week. :)


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