Past 2 days were great for me exercise wise. Yesterday I actually did 70 minutes total of exercise. Seriously amazing to me. I feel it in a couple places. The jabs Chris had me do made muscles in my forearms tender that I didn’t even know I was working out!

Today I decided that I am going to 2 days on, 1 day off. I am not completely sore, and still want to exercise today, but I do have sore bits on me, and it would be smart to give them a rest. :) So, regardless of the days, I will be exercising for two days in a row, and resting on the 3rd day. It should help out a lot.

I already feel amazing. And according to My Fitness Pal, just yesterday put me over half of my goal for exercise minutes and calories burnt for the week. That right there makes me feel super accomplished. I will be doing some cleaning today, but I will only count that as me being active, not actually exercising. :) My net calories were amazing for yesterday, too! Seeing all of that is making me so excited for what I am going to do.

Today’s advice: Give it a rest occasionally. Your body needs to rest sometimes, even if you feel like you can continue. You might end up hurting yourself if you push too hard. And remember that it isn’t weakness; it’s just you needing rest. Think of it like sleeping. Your brain cannot stay awake for so long without just giving up, your muscles are the same. :)

Off for another time. I will probably post in 3 days just for an update on how my muscles feel.


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