Weight Check In

Today was my weigh in! Last Friday I weight 271 and had 57.8% body fat. Today I am 268 and 57.2% body fat.

My friend in Australia is going by measurements for her weight loss because she finds scales to be evil. To help her with some competition, I am measuring, too. I’ll be measuring my neck, bust, waist, and hips every 2 weeks to see the change there. Today, my neck is 18″, my bust is full: 52″, under: 45.5″, my waist is 54.5″, my hips are 58″.

Exercising has been going really well. I am not tired after my 20 minutes of kick boxing training with Chris, so he’s going to increase that. I’m getting WAY better at belly dancing, but not good enough to do the combination at the end of video. I am getting there, though. Everything is super basic in the video, and I love doing it. I get a fairly good workout doing it. However, after that, I’m not very tired, either. I don’t want to add another video to my workout just yet, but only because I do not have the basics completely down. So, going to still do what I am with the belly dancing, but increase the amount of time I do the training with Chris. :) He says we’re going to be doing that tomorrow, so I will post about that on Monday!

I am super proud of myself. This is the most weight I’ve lost in a week when I’ve tried to do something about my weight. I am a little shocked about seeing the weight change, too. While I knew I was working out, my hopes weren’t very high that I was actually doing anything useful. I am more and more excited to continue this now that I’ve seen it go down some. My body feels different, I have to keep moving throughout the day now, I have more energy, I don’t feel nearly as sad (probably due to me punching at Chris), and I’ve been in a genuinely good mood for 2 whole days now! It’s super weird, but very much welcome.

Today, on my day off from exercising, I will be finishing up frames for my Etsy opening, then starting the cellophane process. Probably won’t be working on them this weekend seeing as it’s Chris’ weekend, too, but I will get as much started as I can. Need to clean off my desk, too. It’s getting super cluttered, and I need room to let the jewelry set with the glue! :)


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