A Day Early!

The cats are seriously freaking out about the playpen I just acquired…

I am posting today, mostly because I do not think I will have the time with my family here to post tomorrow. That, or I will be drunk. Haven’t decided which one is a better excuse yet. I will still post on Friday, but only because it’s weigh in day, and I will forget if I don’t post then!

Will be increasing times again for my exercises with Chris on Friday. Some of the things I am doing are getting too easy. So, we’re going to work harder. I am excited and a little scared of this.

Nothing much to be said. I am super sore today and cannot wait for my day off. I plan on baking/cooking ALL THE THINGS, which actually started today with the pecan pie. It didn’t sink, and it isn’t burnt, so I believe this might be a win. Just hoping it tastes okay. Once it’s cool, I’ll be covering it and showing it off. :D

I hope the pain I am feeling today is worth it on the weigh in on Friday. My muscles fought me today, and that wasn’t fun!


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