My Life Has Been Overtaken!

Not at all in a bad way, though.

My parents were here last week, this week I have my best fried, Lorien, and her BEAUTIFUL 5 month old daughter Arya. It’s the first time I’m meeting Arya in person, and I have just fallen in love with the girl.

Yesterday was my day off (well, now 2 days ago as I post this…), and I completely spaced making a post. Tonight I have been cleaning and crocheting (trying to get Arya’s blanket done before they leave!), and only just got around to it. Tomorrow (…Friday) is my weigh day. Just like last week, I really don’t feel like I’ve lost much. I probably have, but it probably isn’t so noticeable. I am not stressing about it, though. I am sure I lost at least SOMETHING. Hell, I lost 5 lbs during the week of Thanksgiving. I am sad that I am not doing belly dancing right now, though… :\

My injury to my arm is pretty much completely healed! My right hamstring, however, was super tight when I woke up this morning. No explanation for that. So now I’m icing it. :( Might take some Icy/Hot to it later tonight.

Been super tired lately. Think I’m going to start taking daily vitamins. I know that I am eating okay, but I am just not getting enough of everything that I should be. That might be the reason why I am not able to get up, and then why my muscles are so hateful the rest of the day. I am doing my stretching before and after my workouts, so I know it’s not that.

Welp, I was thinking of posting this one again tomorrow after the auto-posts on FB and Twitter, but I will be posting again tomorrow after I weigh myself. I’ll just let you guys find this yourselves. :D


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