Finally home alone…

The house… It’s too quiet…

I’ve been working out really hard since Friday. I get to start belly dancing today again! I am really excited. We went to a Moroccan restaurant on Sunday night, they had a belly dancer. It made me miss it. So glad I get to shake my ass without people staring at me, lol.

Times have been increased, I am dying during some exercises, we’re doing different exercises…

I just want to take this time before I exercise today to note that I have now been doing this a month. It’s now habit to exercise, habit to track my food, habit to not have large cravings… And it can only get better from here. :)

My next post will be on my weigh in! This post is lacking mostly because…nothing has gone on really. So, enjoy your hump day. I am about to get my ass kicked. :D


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