YAY! I lost something!

Haha. I am so “meh” about my weight loss this week. After losing 5 lbs, 2 pounds just don’t feel like an achievement. Amazing how that happens.

So, 2 pounds this week lost! I am at 260 now (for those that don’t know what I started at). I am a little upset that I didn’t get under that marker, but I did finally hit the 10 lbs lost mark. Wish I had done it LAST week, but whatever. This week is also … *drum roll* … MEASUREMENT WEEK. So I got those done, too. I think I had been doing my ribs wrong before. This week I started watching how tight I’m holding the string so I could make sure that the tension is the same when I measure the length.

  • Neck – 16 (-0.5)
  • Bust – 50 (-4? Yeah, no, I was holding it too tight…I haven’t gone down a cup size yet)
  • Ribs – 43.5 (-1 This actually seems accurate, I’ve been able to go all the way tight on my bra which is a 42 over the past week)
  • Waist – 51 (-2 I might have been holding it too tight…I don’t feel like I’ve lost that much)
  • Hips – 52 (-1.5 This seems accurate)

So, from now on, I will be watching my tension on the string, and everything should be a little more accurate. :)

With the week of Lorien here, I had to be extra careful with what I ate. When we went out, I made sure that I was eating the healthier things on the menus (Burgerville has some amazing options, and the freshest ingredients for fast food I’ve ever had…and RASPBERRY¬†VINAIGRETTE). Erin (my little sister, for those that don’t know) told me that this is the longest I’ve stuck to something. I’ve cracked over the past week with LOTS of diet soda, though. I realized 2 days ago that I had been drinking too much soda because my ankles swelled up. Oops. Too much sodium. My bad, body. Didn’t mean to treat you so horribly. :\ So, no more soda again starting today for a while. Which sucks, because I bought Chris some Coke solely because the cans have polar bears on them, lol. Guess he’s drinking them all.

I am noticing more things with getting skinnier. Soon I will be an orange on toothpicks. My legs are getting so skinny while my midsection is just a blob. I guess I kind of expected that. Good thing about that is I don’t need to buy new pants because they still fit my waist! Haha.

I seem to be going on a down cycle. I’m bipolar and not on medications right now. Today has been an all around shitty day. And I’ve only been up for a few hours. I am really missing my best friend and another friend back in CO that is having a rough divorce. I feel like a horrible person for leaving them. I miss my old job out in CO. Can’t find anything like it here… There’s some other things that are happening that I don’t feel are appropriate for this blog, but to sum it up, I feel like everything just went to hell when we moved out here. I love Portland, but nothing has gone right since we moved out here. I am trying to use all these horrible feelings as fuel for my workout. At least I’m not letting it overtake me and drag me down. With what I’ve done so far, I can’t quit. So, I have just been stewing in my own self-loathing for the past day. :\

Enough of my emo shit for you. I’ll concentrate on finishing this baby blanket for my lovable niece and then start on a new project. Maybe I can distract myself long enough all day that I don’t cry. :( *whinewhinecutcutbawl*


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