More injuries

Except this time, it’s my knuckles!

For those that didn’t see me post EVERYWHERE, I actually split 2 of my knuckles open while exercising yesterday. While painful, it’s really good. It means that I am hitting fairly hard, and finally building up calluses! The downside is that they ARE on my knuckles, making it incredibly difficult to bandage…

Chris’ goal for me this week is that 5 lb loss again. That would be great if he got me there, because then that would negate my no loss just over a week ago. Well, almost. Close. I would really like to lose that much!

I am starting to notice a LOT with the weight loss. I can tell when I lose inches now. It’s going slow, but I think I am about a size 20 finally. My underwear has this saggy butt thing going on. It’s annoying, lol. That’s one thing that I will have to buy consistently throughout this journey: underwear. Didn’t even think of that until last night. I, luckily, have enough clothes to not have to worry about getting more until I get under a size 16. However, my face is definitely starting to get thinner. The lines that go from your nose to the corners of your mouth when you smile, that’s not nearly as deep on me. I have “dimples” where my cheek goes in, but the rest of my face just kind of got fat around, they are getting more shallow. And I can see that my neck is getting thinner. There are some other NSFanyoneelsebutChrisandI things that I have noticed, and it makes me happier. My LEGS. Holy shit, it is really weird to see how skinny my legs are getting. They aren’t super model thin, but I didn’t realize how much weight I actually had in them. And since my toes are no longer stubby, they look very similar to my brother’s feet. Bah.

So, my first 10 pounds has been lost. I only need to do that 10 more times to get to my goal. :) This week should definitely be better since I don’t have to worry about guests anymore! And my husband is on My Fitness Pal now, which makes this journey even MORE easy.

See you all in a few days. ;)


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