Day 1 of low carbs!

Hmm. Well, so far, I think I’ve been failing. But we’ll see how it is when dinner comes around. I am not over 100g yet. An apple I ate, that I didn’t realize was high in carbs, was a bad idea.

Didn’t exercise for 3 whole days. It was bad of me. We couldn’t exercise properly yesterday. I should have done stuff by myself, but I never did it. I feel super guilty. I don’t even remember why we didn’t on Monday… Actually, I think we were up late and slept in. Pretty sure that’s what happened. Slept on my shoulder wrong, so I had difficulty exercising today with Chris. I am not belly dancing today. I am, however, cleaning a lot. Well, I started to. :\

We are at a point where I have to apply for full time jobs. Applied to where Chris works. I like working with him. Oddly enough, we’re one of the few couples I know of that can spend every minute together and not really get sick of each other. I take this as a good sign.

Other than me feeling guilty, I have nothing to report on. My next post will be on Friday, weigh day. I don’t think I’ve lost anything, but I am really glad that this entire time I haven’t gained once. It’s progress. :)


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