Out of my depression!

I made it through my depression. A month of not wanting to do shit. I don’t even remember most of the past month. I remember being super stressed, crying a few times (because of some money issues), but I do not remember exercising during the past month almost at all. Last I remember exercising was when Lorien was out here.

Now I’m back, with a vengeance. However, weather decided to trump me and cut my stairs today by 66%. Jerk cold. The cold just seems to take the breath out of your lungs, and you tend to get that burning feeling faster. However, I made it through both of the belly dancing body toning videos that I have been struggling with without many stops! Makes me super excited. I still have cleaning to do today, and plan on doing a lot of it, so that will help with burning some weight off.

I have a goal for this week, and that’s to hit 20 pounds lost. I am not sure I will hit it, but I am going to try! I am only 3.4 pounds away from doing so, and I lost 3.2 last week! So I will be working my butt off tomorrow, too, to try to burn everything I can by Friday morning. :)

I am super shocked that I made it through a down cycle and exercised and only ever gained .6 lbs. Seriously. That is amazing. I don’t remember how I made it through downs while I was quitting smoking. I suppose I just pushed myself through like I had this past month. I do know that I slacked a bit, then twisted my ankle, and made up a couple of excuses, but I got through it. So super proud of myself today.

Now, today’s goals are cleaning, reading, some more light blogging, and a shower. :)


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