Yesterday’s weigh in

I forgot to post yesterday. To say there is some high stress in my life right now is probably understating it. And it’s probably what contributed to my weight gain this week. I gained 0.8 lbs. However, I feel skinnier. So I don’t feel TOO bad about it. And I still do understand that weight does fluctuate.

Out of the 3 of us living here, until today, my husband was the only one with a job. We can’t continue to live where we do, so we had to make a lot of tough choices yesterday (when our internet ended up being shut off and the company ended up taking all of our extra money). I have had a tight chest and a pit in my stomach for the past few days, on top of another pair of ear infections. I’ve been mostly sticking to my diet, though (yesterday was really hard to, but I didn’t go over too much). Exercise, however, has been kind of flat. I can’t even remember right now if yesterday was my day off or not… All I can think about is money and where we’re going from here. I do know I am exercising today, though, but I can’t figure out if I exercise tomorrow or not. I think I do…

Stress is a funny thing. I guess I will just take it day by day right now, but I really need to be able to hit something. I’d do stairs, but it is quite cold outside, and I know how that just steals my breathe. Maybe it wouldn’t if I were more bundled up? I don’t know. I’ve never actually tried to exercise in the cold because it’s always been a TERRIFIC excuse. I am not an open person, emotionally. I want to share more things, but,  in my head, I have to be the strong one. The one everyone can rely on. :\

I hope this gain isn’t a sign of what’s to come. I was really liking losing. Hopefully next week will be better like it was last week. I obviously didn’t hit my goal that I wanted to, and I need to fight for that goal. I cannot let this hiccup in life get in the way of my health.


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