The day the sweetness took over (and a recap of my weekend)

Actually, it was yesterday that this happened. Sudden and large, I had a craving for something sweet. Particularly, chocolate. I don’t really get cravings anymore. When I do, though, I tend to give in to them. I needed brownies. I didn’t end up getting them. What I did instead was get shit to make this.

Don’t judge me. I can hear you thinking.

It was delicious. And it hit the fucking spot. So much so that I needed more. I only ate one at first. We ended up splitting a second one because it didn’t fit in the god damn tupperware we have (the biggest one being filled with honeydew). The marshmallows and chocolate melted together inside. It was fucking heaven. Seriously. Fucking. Heaven. I haven’t had such joy eating something like I did last night in a LONG time.

I had one for breakfast.

Then made Chris take them to work. I would have eaten every last one in the house if I had a chance.

So, that totally happened. And I completely accept it because I am still seeing results. I’m not gaining everything back because I decide to treat myself. And that makes me happy.

We had Chinese food over the weekend. It was delicious. Crab puffs and pot stickers and orange chicken and lemongrass pork. Between Chris and I, it was so good. Side note: I am getting SUPER good at using chopsticks; used them for the entire meal and didn’t have to touch the silverware! We went hiking for almost two hours. While we were out and about, we decided that we wanted to do some hardcore camping sometime! Hike into a place with only what we can carry. It’s a goal for us. We can now hike around without stopping too much for rest. Once we stopped because my heart rate was too high (picture to the left). The second time we stopped, we had reached where we wanted to go (below to the right). We got all the way to the sequoia trees and the deck that is built out into them. It was so relaxing to just sit there. Then we headed back, stopped once more (other than a few pictures) at the picnic area. Didn’t stop again until we got to the MAX Station. It was super fun.

But also the reason why I didn’t exercise yesterday. Made it 4 days in a row with exercising! Yesterday I had to rest. Which was very good for me. I did belly dancing today, and it was just harsh. I made it through that without stopping, though! So proud of myself.

Everything is getting easier. Yes, exercise is fucking hard when you start. You are out of shape, and your body wants to fight you. When you see results and realize that there is just so much more you can do after a month or so of exercising, that’s where it’s worth it. I love being still overweight, but in enough shape to hike without stopping. I love the fact that I am losing weight and inches fairly consistently. And I especially love the fact that I am feeling better about myself. If that isn’t what this is all about, then I don’t know why I even started this. :)


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