Post 2 for today: Life Torn Asunder

As you should know, our life has been dramatically shifted. We never got an extra week, we never got money from Erin. Erin isn’t even sure she can take the cats.

We move tomorrow.

So, on Wednesday, the day after Chris cashes his check, we go out and look for places. We go all over the place, on the bus/train, anywhere that was close, anything we could remember. “Do you have anything available to move into this weekend?” Most places were no. The ones that were yes were too expensive for us. With Chris being the only one working, we can only pay so much. At the end of the day, we found nothing. We made a decision that, seeing as we had to move on Saturday, trying to find an apartment to live in that we would have to be approved for would be a terrible idea on Thursday. Just cutting it entirely too short. So, let’s find a roommate situation, since Erin said she would take the cats.

Do you know how many places in the area we were looking would allow a couple to move in to their room?


One place. And they freaking gave the room off. We got there in time for them to say they called us (we had already left since we have to take the bus everywhere) and left a message that they were able to give the room to someone else. This news enacted our last resort plan: Chris stays here, lives with someone for cheaper, and saves money; I go live with my parents in Klamath Falls, 5 hours away from my husband. Erin can take the cats, so they will be fine. This plan will work out well.

Actuallyyyyyy, the plan where Chris has a place to stay and I move in with my parents is just fine. Erin isn’t sure she can take the cats now. This was last night that she told us this. We were expecting her to be able to take them. Heated words were exchanged, I snapped and proceeded to give her a fat lip. She ended up talking to her property manager and they said that she can have the cats with a $300 deposit and $25 pet rent (we offered to pay the pet rent, and it seems someone is realizing how much money goes into something!). The thing is that her boyfriend would have to pay for the deposit.

She’s trying to convince her boyfriend to pay for the deposit. He’s probably not going to, though, because I hit her. Honestly, I don’t blame him, but I feel like him breaking my family apart is more punishment to my cats than me. We offered to pay him back, as well. We just don’t know when we can, since I have to pay back another friend. She said that they will talk about it tomorrow. The thing about that is I have an appointment with the Oregon Humane Society to take the cats in to put them up for adoption tomorrow. I really don’t have time to play games now.

So, let’s recap, shall we?

  • Losing my husband for 6 months? Check.
  • Losing my cats, my babies for 6 months? Check.
  • Possibly losing my cats for the rest of their lives? Check.
  • Losing out on a chance at working at the best store on the face of this planet? Check.

All in all, my life feels like it is being torn apart. I am so stressed that I cry randomly, my stomach is in constant pain, and I get panic attacks every hour or so. This is the worst thing that has happened to me in my life so far, and all I can do is move forward with it.

So that’s what I’m doing.

PS. A HUUUUGE thank you to Lisa and Jen, both of which not only helped me out today, but made me smile and cry in knowing that I do have other friends. They are really freaking awesome, and I am so glad to know Lisa, and to have found Jen. :3 Jen has been sending me smut haikus to make me smile, and Lisa posted for some help over on the PAX Enforcer forums to find a place for my babies. <3 <3


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natali
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 21:29:47

    *huge huggles* Deep breaths hon. I wish there was more that I could do. <3


    • Missy Q.
      Feb 03, 2012 @ 21:33:10

      That’s all I really can do. It’s helping for the most part, but I can feel the pain in my stomach as it just festers. There’s a lot of crying, too. Your support is plenty enough. <3 <3 I'll have to send you my new address for the pay it forward homemade thing, too. :)


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