My 10% goal present!

I have a problem.

Well, several if you want to get technical.

But this problem is with buying so many nail polishes.

Instead of getting a massage like my husband suggested, I spent $30 on nail polishes that I’ve wanted. Not only is it good for my collection, but it will keep me happier for a longer period, and I don’t feel like I have wasted my money.

….I would have spent much more on it if I could have.

So! I took pictures of the manicure I gave myself last night, and the rest of the stash I got. :)

First up, indirect sunlight picture of my hand.

The colors are Sally Hansen HD Hue and DVD. Here’s the shot in direct sunlight.

The DVD (purple) is very pretty in person. It’s a pearlescent blue/purple glitter with 3 layers to make it mostly opaque. I fucking love it! Hue (yellow) is my first true yellow polish. I probably should have switched the 2 colors and had Hue on my ringer finger, but whatever. I like it like this!

Here are the other 4 polishes that I got.

From left to right they are Finger Paints Black Expressionism (I had no black nail polish, bad goth punk rock girl), Finger Paints Avante Garde Green (a shimmer green), China Glaze Flying Dragon (a neon fuchsia with blue and pink glitter),  and China Glaze Fairy Dust (a clear glitter polish…come on, it says FAIRY DUST).

I am going to do the Flying Dragon with Fairy Dust on my ring finger next when this mani starts chipping. I am so super excited about this haul. It’s only the second time I’ve bought expensive nail polish (in relation to the $2 stuff I’ve been buying). I wanted to buy some stuff from online (some Nfu Oh holo), but I decided that I am happy with this haul. :D

Will probably keep this as my % goal treats. It’s a good idea, and mostly cheap. :) Cannot wait to get more when I lose weight!


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