More loss!

Not much of a loss this week, but since I have a broken toe and all, 2.2 pounds is nothing to scoff at. :)

I am losing weight easier. I am losing the toning of my muscles, but not losing my muscles, so that’s good. I am doing stuff to keep my muscles from getting too bad. I am really thinking that my hormones are finally balancing out, though.

I realized a few days ago or something that I now weigh less than when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I think I was 247 when I was diagnosed, but I can’t remember properly. I know I will be in the safe zone when I lose about 20 more pounds. As soon as I can see an OB, I will make sure that I get my blood work done so they can see where I am with my A1C, glucose, and testosterone. Also, will probably have an ultrasound to see my ovaries (which will for sure tell me how my PCOS is).

I am typing this as I dye my hair blonde. We’ll see how it comes out. My husband oddly wants me super blonde…

I really have nothing else to talk about today…

OH. I guess I do. I have been noticing more getting thin on me. The only thing that I don’t notice as well is my stomach. However, my legs are thinner since I came out to Klamath Falls, my back is losing lots of fat, and I noticed my jawline a little more yesterday. :)

This all makes me happy.

Now, for breakfast! Then some exercising because I need to get it done, yo. :)


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