Let’s talk about food.

I have lots of friends that are trying to lose weight. Most everyone I know wishes that they could lose some form of weight.

I have lots of friends that are attempting to lose weight in the worst possible way ever.

This has been aggravating me. The main reason why anyone gains weight is because of the way they eat. Not because they’re inactive or because they indulge every once in a while. How you eat determines how you will lose weight.

For instance, a McDonald’s bacon burger with no bun and no cheese is 420 calories. You can make a bun-less burger at home for less than the price of that (once you figure out the cost of an individual burger from a set of meat and seasonings) and about a quarter of the calories. And it will taste about 10 times better! Can even add a bun and cheese on that and it still be less than 420 calories. A healthy “breakfast bar” is around 230 calories (depending on the type you get). You can have oatmeal or Cream of Wheat for almost half the calories, and be fuller for longer. Exercising and then having a treat is good, but not if it’s half of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Giant Egg. That’s 440 calories right there, and 50 carbs of almost pure sugar.

Tracking what I eat has taught me a lot of things. The main thing is that convenience and horrible food choices go hand in hand. It was not easy getting to where I am now, and even I slip up and have shitty days, or sometimes weeks. But when you are trying to lose weight, I don’t get how you can’t realize what you’re doing is HURTING your progress. It took me a long time to get to this point, though.

I don’t eat healthy 100% of the time. I do crave chocolate and sugar. Instead of having the entirety of something, I have half of it, or even a quarter of it. You have to consciously make these decisions. If you want to make yourself better, don’t start with exercising first. Start with how you eat first. Change things slowly over time instead of all at once. Track everything you eat so you know exactly what is going into you. Don’t make blind decisions at a restaurant and assume that the salad is healthy (most of the time, it’s just as bad as the horrible shit on the menu). Look at everything, calculate everything, make sure you know what you are putting in your body. This has been proven time and time again that it’s the sure-fire way to lose weight. And try to eat less box things. I know it’s harder to do on a budget, but it’s still doable, even if you have to buy frozen veggies and fruit. If you don’t make dinner that often, make one meal at home from scratch. Going from that for a couple weeks to box dinners (which we did once) was shocking, because you really just don’t realize the amount of seasoning and sodium that goes into those box dinners to just cover up cardboard. Going from fresh meals to fast food will show you that you prefer to season your own meals and cook everything YOUR way.

Fads don’t work long term. What you need to be doing is a lifestyle change, not a short-term adjustment. I am not dieting, I am changing the way I eat. Exercising and then not eating the proper foods after is just going to hurt you in the long run. Eating foods that you think are healthier when they really aren’t is hurting you. Change how you eat first, then focus on exercising.


(Side note and edit: Alcohol really is your worst enemy. Calories and empty carbs. When tracking your food, remember to track your alcohol, too.)


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  1. Christie (@62nvon)
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 07:51:51

    I read this on Weight Watchers boards one time: You get fit in the gym, but you get skinny in the kitchen.

    Kinda matches what you are saying. We tend to way overestimate the calories burned in a workout. Truth is, you can consume those calories burned in just a few bites of high-calorie treats.

    Exercise is extremely important in my weight-loss journey. But I *have* to watch what I eat religiously. I’ve been at or near my goal weight for well over a year. I still exercise, and I still journal my food or at least eat mindfully. This is something I must do the rest of my life to maintain my healthy body. It’s work… damn hard work… but it is worth it to me. Being fat was hard, too, in intangible ways.

    I am thrilled that all this is “clicking” for you. The biggest battle is in our heads, changing our entire mindset.

    You ROCK, Missy! =)


  2. StrongJoe
    Mar 20, 2012 @ 02:04:27

    Missy Q.,

    Thx pertaining to the writeup titled Let's talk about food. « Musings of a Sociopath. It so happens that as we speak I just was speaking to my pals in regards to this subject and for the most part We all agree as to what you happen to be expressing. I happen to be preaching about this specific subject a great deal lately together with my buddies thus with some luck it will help me make my point.

    I would like to make a request and that is that it would be great if you could enter into a little bit more detail. Or maybe you could point us to a few additional sites where we can read more about this.

    One last thing, I am wondering if you have come across anything regarding MUFAs (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids). If you have then would you please put up a write-up about that?


    • Missy Q.
      Mar 24, 2012 @ 15:23:51

      I haven’t come across anything regarding MUFAs. Most of my posts just end up being rants because of me seeing where others are frequently failing.

      I highly suggest watching two documentaries, Fat Head and Ingredients. They help back up a lot of what I am talking about here. Fat Head is about the inconsistencies in Super Size Me and explains a lot about how much we’re lied to about weight loss by the government and medical communities in favor of money. Ingredients talks a lot more about how the way we’re going in the world we won’t be able to have enough farm land to sustain life on Earth. Both are really good.

      I also want to apologize for the late reply as the comment was marked as spam and I only just saw it today. :3


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