Well. Almost 2 weeks later!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I totally did warn you. You really didn’t want anything from me last week anyway. All I could think about was my husband, all I could talk about was my husband. Everything else was completely unimportant to me the entire time. :3

I still have the boot on. I am still not exercising. I am still watching what I eat, well…until this past weekend. I tried to log, saw how bad it was going to be, then ignored it the entire time. I know I did horrible (one breakfast was my entire allotment of calories for one day…ouch), but I also know that I didn’t do as bad as I could have.

I did gain 2 more pounds. That’s annoying. I’m not discouraged by any means, but I am thoroughly annoyed at this broken foot deal. I didn’t wear my boot a lot this weekend because I was driving Chris around everywhere, and the boot is on my right foot. The downside of that is I ended up walking a lot without it. It caused a lot of pain. Not so much that I’m complaining, because I love spending time with my husband. But I should have had him drive so I could wear the boot and not be slowed by having to limp…. Not sure how long I will be wearing it. Since I didn’t wear it this full week, I’m going to wear it another week and see how I feel after that.

I cannot wait for my foot to be healed, because I want to exercise hardcore again. I miss it. The sweat, the way I feel after, it’s all just so amazing. I also dislike gaining weight. I’d rather maintain than gain. I plan on being seriously strict with my calories this week. Taking soda out (again), back to tea and water and a coffee in the  morning. I just really want to maintain my weight instead of gaining it while I have this boot on. I may attempt walking up and down our hill (which is very close to a 9% grade at points, 7% the rest of the time) with the boot on. I WANT to, and with the weather finally warming up here (it’s supposed to be rainy season, but it’s been gorgeous the past few days) it will be easier to walk up and down the hill without having to worry about getting my foot wet. :)

My husband was able to stay longer than we expected, but not because he planned it. If you would like, head on over to his blog to see what happened to him with Amtrak this weekend. We are hoping they fix this issue shortly…

That’s pretty much it. I’m seriously depressed about my husband being gone now, but trying to not let it get the best of me. I’m baking some cookies today to make me feel better (the baking makes me feel better, not the eating of said baking). And I am constantly talking to my husband right now. As depressed as I am about him not being here, I am comfortable in my life, and that’s really all I can ask for until we are together again.


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