What do you mean it’s 2 in the morning?

Yeah, so this is mostly going to be a hilarious post. Mostly because fuck you, that’s why.

It’s 2 am. Why am I awake? Because I didn’t take my sleeping pills early enough, and because my recorded copy of Eureka decided to stop playing 32 minutes into the show (I was all emotionally riled up, you see…I CAN’T sleep like that!). Fuck you, copy. Fuck you right in your ear.

SPEAKING OF EARS, lemme tell you. In case you haven’t seen me whining about it over on Twitter (seriously, I don’t shut up about it right now), I have a middle ear infection that can just fuck the fuck right off. It’s affecting my swallowing (insert sexual joke here (insert “that’s what she said” and a fucking high five right here)), my TMJ (ohay, I totally wanted a flare up that lasted DAYS), my sinuses (god fucking dammit why is everything fucking connected in there), and giving me constant headaches. THANKS, EAR. Actually, I should be thanking my finger. If my ears weren’t so GOD DAMN ITCHY all the fucking time, I wouldn’t scratch them until they bleed, making infections happen. :|

Totally going for the record of most cussing in a paragraph. Did I win?

Oooh, that was mostly fuck’s, too. *high fives self* (which is pretty much just clapping, yo)

So, totally stopped wearing the boot today and went out for an hour in regular shoes. Now, I did this with my husband 2 weekends ago when he came out, but my foot hurt so bad by the time we got home that I had to put it up. Today, other than feeling weird in a normal shoe (not to mention the fact that it was a new shoe I hadn’t worn on that foot yet), I felt fine! No pain when I got home. Still going to take it easy, but I don’t need to wear it all day right now, and can not wear it when I go out for the most part! Excited!

I am still going to take it really easy with exercising, though. I am going to continue doing what I have been since Friday (push ups every day and ab workouts every other day) for about a week, and then slowly get back into Tae bo and get my serious calorie burning back. :D I seriously miss sweating that much. And I cannot wait to be able to go hiking again. That I will REALLY have to ease into, because you use your toes so much when hiking, I just don’t want to re-injure myself. Super cautious right now.

Also, speaking of push ups, I have been successfully doing 10 every day since Friday. It hurt Saturday and Sunday, but now I am mostly okay with it. I am still on my knees (another sexual joke referenced here) while doing them because I am being cautious about my toe/foot, but next week when I bump it up to 15, I will try it like a real man. *pounds chest with fist*

Now for shit that no one really cares about: Changes in my body.

Laying in bed watching TV at the same time my husband was watching TV (that’s how we roll with this long distance shit, yo), I noticed that my side boob roll ceases to exist! This is a HUGE step for me. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have that god damn armpit boob roll while lying down on my stomach that it’s just a fucking pleasure to not have it anymore! It’s smooth. Seriously, it’s like this now (fuck you, ignore the girl, and look at her side boob and how there’s NO ROLL THERE). That really, really excites me, guys. No, not the girl (okay, maybe a little). It’s really the only noticeable thing right now that I am legitimately excited about. I am so proud of the changes I’ve made to my body, and cannot wait for more of the changes. :D I will be thiiiiiiiiiin.

Okay. Enough of my fueled rants on …well, nothing, pretty much. :) Going to finish reading Failbook, and then going to sleep, or something resembling it. :3



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  1. mypathforward
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 14:13:43

    you are doing so well. thanks for the post!


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