New plan – Shock the body.

In response to my post yesterday, I got some great advice. Some from Christie and Jenni, but also some from Sid (or, well, Eric is his real name, but he’s always Sid in my head from a forum he was Almighty God on). And I am going to try to follow it all, as best as I can.

(I got advice from Sid a few years ago while I was “interested” in weight loss, not “committed”. He gave me a ton of advice that I still follow today, and I really respect his opinion/advice; even if he is one of the worst people when it comes to making me fall for things!)

I am breaking for a few days from exercise, and have increased my calories. Increasing calories is hard on My Fitness Pal, but I did get it over 1400, and I’m going to try that for a while. I am also going to switch cardio to doing body weight exercises and light weight muscle toning exercises (which is what my belly dancing videos essentially are, and going to try the stuff from Prevention magazine that I wrote about yesterday, too). I want to try this for two weeks and see how I am after that.

What we pretty much established is I probably ate too little while exercising, and my body is likely in starvation mode. It’s storing everything I end up burning because it thinks it’s being starved. Probably my fault, also probably due to MFP having the calories set a bit too low. My body is also probably used to the high intensity cardio I’ve been doing (tae bo), and just needs some different things.

So! Shocking my body by eating more this weekend (which…I over did yesterday, but that guacamole was SO good >.>). Changing my exercises up on Monday. Testing this for two weeks. We’ll see how my body reacts after it. The ballet exercises that have the weights are part of a 30 day challenge type thing, so I will at least finish that out before I switch back to my other things that I was doing before (though it wants me to do high intensity cardio on 2 or 3 days, I will probably only do that on my days off, and do 30 minutes of tae bo only).

Loving this plan so much, and I am confident about it. :) Cannot wait to post happy posts about my weight loss again! ;)

And now, your reminder. There at the top right is a widget that explains my birthday wish, but you can totally check out the full blog post here. TL;DR – I am trying to raise money for a beginner’s roller derby set that I can get for my birthday. This will probably also help shake things up for me. :) You can donate here with PayPal or here with your credit/debit card. Thanks for ANY amount you can spare. If you can’t, try spreading the word for me.


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  1. pushthedumpfatbutton
    May 12, 2012 @ 15:42:04


  2. jumpstartingme2
    May 15, 2012 @ 05:48:24

    I’m behind in my reader :) But you can do this!! Sometimes having a two week deviation from the norm and shocking the system is just what you need! What have you been eating to get up to 1400 calories a day?


    • Missy Q.
      May 15, 2012 @ 12:42:38

      I eat breakfast, but normally nothing bigger than a bowl of dry cereal. I have coffee and count my sugar in it. I try to eat lots of meat throughout the day, but it doesn’t always work. I eat eggs, which are pretty good for calories, and make egg salad with that. It’s really odd. I eat a lot, but I couldn’t really tell you exactly what I do eat. I eat out occasionally, but still have trouble trusting myself unless there are calories on the menu. It’s been a lot of trial and error on my part, but now I am to where with counting, I can pretty much know when I will be in my range and when I will go out. I don’t eat fast food, and track every single sauce I use (sauces have a lot of calories). I think just by simply tracking every little thing as meticulously as I do, I’ve been able to get up to 1400 no problem pretty much. If you click on the MFP thing on my blog, you can add me as a friend on there, and you’ll be able to see my diary. I do publish it. :)

      …sorry this is long and rambly. Your question caught me off guard as I’ve never been asked HOW I do it, lol.


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