Day Two: What the fuck was I thinking?

Okay, not that dramatic, lol. Seriously, though. Working out with already sore muscles fucking sucks balls.

That being said, I did everything I was supposed to do today. I increased the one exercise that I couldn’t do fully yesterday by 2, making it 17 out of 20. Hopefully in two days, I will be able to do the full 20.

hurt after the whole deal, though, so I took a cold bath. Let me tell you, that isn’t fun. Even with pink water and glitter (yay bath bombs!), nothing can make those better. However, I felt amazing after I did it.

Now, ibuprofen and lots of water later, I am sore, and kind of just want to sleep, which I might do. My body is telling me that it needs more rest.

I was supposed to do cardio today, but I’m not. I don’t think I’m going to do cardio at ALL with this for the first week. So, tomorrow is one of my days off. I will need it.

Now, time for that nap. I really can’t focus on anything right now!

And now, your reminder. There at the top right is a widget that explains my birthday wish, but you can totally check out the full blog post here. TL;DR – I am trying to raise money for a beginner’s roller derby set that I can get for my birthday. This will probably also help shake things up for me. :) You can donate here with PayPal or here with your credit/debit card. Thanks for ANY amount you can spare. If you can’t, try spreading the word for me.


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