Day 6 (and 7): Where did this bruise come from?

I meant to post this yesterday. I completely spaced until 9 PST, and then people wouldn’t have read it.

Yesterday was great. I did every exercise with no problem. Felt terrific, and managed to speed up how quickly I am doing the exercises by ANOTHER 5 minutes. As I was doing the scissor lift (I actually love this one), I noticed a new bruise on the inside/back part of my thigh. This isn’t new to me. I’ve been tearing muscles enough since I started this at the beginning on the week around my knees. Tiny bruising was coming up there. What concerned me was the lump underneath the bruise.

Yep, pretty sure that I had damaged one of my hamstring muscles. I couldn’t feel it! There was absolutely no pain when it happened, so I couldn’t tell you when it actually happened. I just knew immediately that I had to be careful. Exacerbating a hamstring injury is no joke, and I didn’t want to make myself be out of commission for longer than a few days. Light stretches, went to shower off the sweat, and then took a really hot bath. Got out, felt fine for a few hours.

Then the pain hit me. Uncomfortable to sit, had to limp while walking. Pain from the back of my knee to the underside of my butt/hip. Looked up the symptoms of a hamstring injury just to be sure I was right, and I am. So, today, I am confined to my bed, have a sweet set up going, doing some constant RICE for the injury (my thigh is actually wrapped up in an ACE bandage, lol), and plan on staying in here for about 2 days (today and tomorrow). That’s the minimum time that one’s hamstring will be injured. I can’t get back to doing ANY exercising until I can do the same things with my injured leg as I can with my normal leg.

This is all fine for me. I know how to take care of an injury by now. I just hate that it’s made me not exercise while I was trying to get out of this plateau! GREAT TIMING, BODY. ;)

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