I rarely reblog. This is my space.
This idea that my husband has is so incredibly awesome that I think everyone should be thinking of other creative ways to lose weight. :3

The Way of the Geek

First off, let’s get a little inspirational music going. Something to get the blood pumping.

“No Easy Way Out (cover) – Bullet for My Valentine”

Alright. Now that we are sufficiently pumped up, I want to talk a bit about a new project. For lack of a better name, let’s call it “World of Fitcraft”. I think a little back story is in order here.

When I was younger I did horrible in school because I had no willpower to do homework or anything extra. But I got a video game (F117 Stealth Fighter from Microprose Software) that had a 150 page manual (still bigger than any other game I’ve played) that I not only memorized, I devoured. Because it was a game, I was dedicated to my perfection. I developed advanced dog fighting techniques, planned meticulous flight plans, and was a silent and efficient killer of virtual insurgents. Well, that memory…

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  1. cdquarry
    May 21, 2012 @ 14:46:51

    Thank you for the re-blog.

    You rock!


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