Day 18: My last exercise day in Klamath Falls

Today seems super surreal. I am leaving Klamath Falls Saturday morning (at an UNGODLY hour, fuck).

I exercised. I forced myself to. It is super hot, and all I wanted to do was start packing. But I had to exercise. It wasn’t going to take all day to exercise, but it will take most of the day to get off my ass and pack my stuff up. Exercised, showered, and already have one bag packed completely.

I am impressed with how much I shoved into the first suitcase. I have two duffle bags that need to be filled, too, and I will easily do that. Going to pack up everything I can tonight after my laundry is done so I really don’t have much I need to do tomorrow!

I am going to miss my mom and Ian. I love having a good relationship with them. I miss my husband more, though, and I miss Portland more.

I will be doing one more post before I leave for my weigh in tomorrow. I feel skinnier today. Hopefully alcohol consumption tonight doesn’t throw that off tomorrow morning, lol!


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