Day 23: Another injury and finally back home.

So, I injured my hamstring again. I think it’s just a strain this time, but it’s really annoying.

I am back home! I realize I haven’t posted since …last Thursday now. I weighed myself and it wasn’t much of a loss. Then I weighed myself on Monday morning and apparently have gained 6 lbs back. I know that isn’t right, but it does make me seriously question the accuracy of our scale’s calibration. My mom and I have the same brand and model of scale, and the discrepancy is huge. Elevation does adjust weight, but I didn’t change enough in elevation to justify that much of a change. Anyway, now I’m “officially” 233 lbs, and will continue to go by this scale here.

Even with my injury, we don’t have the materials I need to exercise properly. Will probably be getting them with next week’s check. I do have stuff I can replace it with, which is awesome. I just wish I were able to finish out this whole “boot camp” thing as it’s supposed to be.

If there is no loss this week, I am upping my calories again. Actually, I should scratch that until next week, honestly. It’s my birthday on Thursday, and I will be having one slice of cake. I will be walking around a lot, too,  but I am really not sure how well all of that is going to go. I guess we will see then!

Damn, we were going to go to the Japanese Gardens this weekend for my 15% loss, but I’m not there anymore. Guess it’s only the zoo for my birthday!

I am not feeling so well today, mentally, for some reason. And that’s really odd because today is the sunniest day since I’ve been back. :\ Bleh. Maybe I will nap and see if I feel better after that? *sigh*


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  1. Evilbatwitch
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 17:28:22

    You’ll lose it again, eventually. Sorry about the re-injury, that sucks.


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