Where did this week go?

I have been here for over a week now. We did SO much this past week, and I am really not sure how we fit it all in (twss).

Shit, I can hardly remember half the stuff we did, rofl!

Today, I went to the gym. This is the first time in forever, and the first time I worked out with good weights. Not to say what I was doing before wasn’t helping, but it wasn’t enough. Found out my limit for several things, but not everything. I kind of planned incorrectly and didn’t have enough time on my bus transfer to stay for very long, so we had to leave early. The hilarious thing was that we didn’t feel like a half an hour was enough for us. Well, we’ll be changing up the bus route on Wednesday; we’ll be there not only earlier, but I will be either buying a day pass or bringing enough to buy another transfer when we leave. That way, we can leave almost an hour later! Get strength and cardio in.

I have upped my calorie intake during the day to 1700, that way I can eat up to that much if I have to and feel wonderful about it. I am going to try to not go over it too much if I exercise, though. I want to keep that my base and let the exercise be the extra that I burn so that I can lose weight faster. At least, this is the plan. I believe I have built up enough muscle over the course of everything that my body needs that much anyway. Pretty sure I am burning more calories at rest.

Gym plan will be weights for toning and some strength; lower weight and higher reps to make sure that I am working those muscles, but not bulking them up. I will be doing everything I can to make sure that I can do the minimum of requirements to graduate boot camp (BEFORE I go), as well, but that isn’t a focus right now. (Side note: I should probably email that recruiter…) After I do a full body work, there will be 20 minutes of cardio with good resistance on an elliptical. I am excited about that. I have wanted an elliptical for some time, and this is just rather convenient right now. Buying one is so impractical right now as we won’t be in one place for very long, and really don’t want to fucking move it right now, lol. I am really excited about upping my level of activity with strength training.

I can currently curl 35 lbs, overhead tricep 25 lbs, ab twist 50 lbs (go torso muscles), and leg press 135 lbs. Not bad for a fatty who has done everything on her own for 7 months! That’s all we were able to do today, and I will lower those numbers so I can do more reps on Wednesday. Always good to know your cap at the time, though! I want to work on building my leg muscles with squats and cardio still, but those leg presses are good for strength.

Really, really excited to get everything going there (I said it three times, that makes is super serial, right?). Changing it all up again will jolt my body again, and building my muscles up a little will definitely help with burning fat, especially if I try to not eat over 1700 calories. I am super proud of where my life is heading, and all mostly because I just decided to start exercising. :3


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