Farmers market and late weigh in post.

So, I did gain this week, but it was only by a half a pound. I feel better, though, and that’s all that matters to me right now.

Today we went to the Beaverton Farmers Market. I love that place. We got a lot of really good things (including breakfast, yum). We got a dozen duck eggs (first time we’re trying them, we’re excited), asparagus, strawberries, another red onion (the one we got last week was just so good), honey (along with some honey-stix, love those), zucchini, strawberry-rhubarb  jam, chocolate milk, fresh crab meat, and spinach leaves. All organic, all local.

Sorry, my hipster is showing.

I had a nutella, banana, whip cream crepe for breakfast. Chris had a set of 3 pork tacos (that were SO good). I also had an organic mango tea that was just perfect.

We have some gouda, and we’re getting ready to make some scrambles with the duck eggs, gouda, crab meat, and spinach. We just made some homemade bread that we’re going to have the strawberry-rhubarb jam on. The chocolate milk is some of the CREAMIEST milk I have ever tasted, so we HAD to get a quart. We’re going to drink the crap out of that!

I am so in love with what we’ve been doing. I haven’t felt sad at all since I’ve been here, and it just makes me so happy that I feel this way right now. Happy makes me happy, lol. Life really is just perfect right now. It can get better, but it slowly is. :3


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