I have a problem…

An actual problem, too. It’s not severe yet, but it’s to the point where I get nauseous from the pain.

I’m sure I blogged about it a couple months ago when the pain started feeling localized. I suspect I have a herniated disc in my spine. Besides the very localized pain on my spine and the nauseating pain, I can actually FEEL a lump on my back. Chris can feel a lump on my back. The muscles all around this lump are super tight. Too much pressure on this lump shoots pain. If I sit up by myself (not leaning or supported), it shoots pain. I can walk, though I shouldn’t, and I can exercise, as I did yesterday. I just. Can’t. Sit.

Ibuprofen doesn’t help it. The only thing that keeps me from feeling like I’m going to puke from pain is a heat pad on my back and my body being supported. Normally, this lasts a whole day, but only one. Today is day three. I will have insurance soon so I can get it looked at, but that won’t be for 4  months still. :(

This post is mostly just me complaining about this god damn pain. Exercise is going well, as I pointed out. With this pain, we’re changing things up to where I am actually trying to build up my back and core muscles. Higher weight, lower reps. From what I’ve read, only building the muscles really helps with herniated discs in the early stages.



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  1. evilbatwitch
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 15:38:44

    Just to be clear, I definitely do not like it when you’re in pain, but that you have the knowledge to build up your back muscles and work around it. You DO NOT want to end up like Holland on pain killers of which the level would knock out a god damned elephant.


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