I have spouted my dislike over the “fat acceptance” movement on several occasions. This blog here makes several elegant points, analogies that will knock your socks off, and points out the differences between “cellular” and “genetic”. I know my opinion on this is horribly unpopular, but fuck me sideways if this person doesn’t just hit the nail on the head for me.

Main point, yes, people are fat, and some will stay fat. The purpose of the changes to health that the US is trying to do isn’t to stop you from being fat, it’s to stop our future generations from being fat. We have done some damage to our cellular make up, and it’s time to reverse that.

Yes, it’s a long read. It has some terrific info in it as to why you shouldn’t hate fatties, but why you should try to change what we’re doing, too.

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I am a shallow jerk.I wanted to get that out of the way at the beginning, because I know how this is going to go. I’m writing about the obesity epidemic in America, and this means that, no matter what I say or how much sense it makes, it’s going to be dismissed on the grounds that I’m only saying it because I don’t find fat people attractive. Even when I discuss this issue with my friends, who are very intelligent folks, more often than not they will cut me off with “Oh, you just hate fat people!” It’s not that they dispute what I’m saying (none of them believes that obesity is completely genetic, or that exercise and a reasonable diet won’t keep you from getting fat) —it’s that they don’t like why I’m saying it.

So, okay, I will be honest and concede this. It’s true…

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