First, I suck.

I totally promised some progress pictures, but never did them. I forgot. I’m sorry. I will try to work for that this weekend.

Second, WOO ANOTHER LOSS. It’s taken me nearly 2 months to get down the 6 pounds I “gained” coming back to Portland. Fucking seriously? Wtf. Ugh. I’m at 227.2 now as of this morning.

I did measure myself. I should note that I am at work right now, and the paper that I did my measurements on is at home. So that will have to wait until then. But I do remember I lost on my bust and my waist. My waist was something crazy like 2.25 inches. Fucking rock on.

There was a horrible tragedy in Aurora at the Dark Knight Rises screenings at a theater well known for not having…the best of crowds. It’s still sad, and that’s something that will stick out in people’s minds. 12 died. 50 injured. It’s fucking shitty. I really hope no one I know was there. :<

There will be another post this afternoon (ha, “tonight” to me…). Hopefully it’s more, well, happy.


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