I hate stress.

I am sure everyone does. It does massive damage to your body. It seems to do stuff 10 fold to me.

With the risk of going super TMI, I have stomach issues. For those that have known me long enough (or well enough) know that I had the beginnings of an ulcer discovered just over a year ago. With eating better, I tend to not have issues. I am diagnosed with GERDs, but don’t suffer from it often, even when super stressed. My bowels seem to be the issue when I get super stressed. I get (WARNING SUPER SUPER TMI) loose, bloody stool. It might have an underlying issue; it might be related to the beginning ulcer happening. Well, the blood isn’t happening now, but man do I have some bad cramping. It’s pretty miserable.

UPDATE: Seems that there are a few others in class that are having issues with their stomachs. It might be something with the food from here, because we all ate it yesterday…

On top of this, I have stress hives. That is the worst. I itch constantly. My ears tend to get the worst of it because I not only get the anxiety itching, but I get the stress hives. Also, having them on a peeling sunburn is like…being tortured for country secrets or something.

I hate stress.

On a side note, I am sitting in class doing fuck all nothing because my trainer tried to make me sit with people JUST OUT OF TRAINING for sidejacking. Uh, fuck no am I sitting with someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. This entire week, this trainer has given me the feeling that he just doesn’t care. I have seen him sit with 2 people during the test and just give them the fucking answers if they asked. I asked 3 questions on the test that had to do with conflicting information given and stuff we just didn’t go over. I worked hard to make sure that I might be able to pass. I am pissed. Apparently this trainer is being promoted or something and he’s just giving people the answers if they ask for it. It really doesn’t teach us anything. Our training program for accounts is broken and we can’t pull up anything, so I’m fucking lost when it comes to that. Instead, I am looking up articles in our database so that I can learn the process for top call drivers. Currently, the trainer is playing Mass Effect 2. :\

The A/C was fixed here on Friday and Saturday. NOW IT NEVER SHUTS OFF. Fuck, am I cold. The thermostat in the room doesn’t control the A/C in here anymore. It’s brilliant.

This training will drive me insane. :|

This concludes the ranting post. So ready to just…have a week off. Irritated that will take more than 2 months still. OCTOBER. THEN I WILL BE IN CALIFORNIA FOR A WEEK AND NOT WORRY ABOUT SHIT. >:(


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cdquarry
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 09:12:17

    I am gonna bring you a surprise when I come to work. Hopefully it will make you a bit happier.


  2. evilbatwitch
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 10:41:45

    Is there a way around your trainer? like .. have Chris complain to someone? The failure was in mentioning a surprise, Chris. If you had not mentioned it, there would be no way for her to say you failed!


    • cdquarry
      Aug 01, 2012 @ 10:51:40

      Indeed. As for complaining, it would really not do much good. She just needs to get everything she can out of class, and ask the right questions to the right people when she hits the floor.


    • Missy Q.
      Aug 01, 2012 @ 11:00:39

      What Chris said. I would have complained had he set me up with someone straight out of the training, but he didn’t. A girl that sits near me complained to HR about him telling people the answers to the tests, so that’s already logged. I will just have to get through it. I am asking a LOT when I’m on the floor with Chris. The guy that sits next to him is super awesome and likes teaching me stuff, and his TM, Trev, was a trainer, so I pick his brain a lot, too.


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