Day 6 (and 7): Where did this bruise come from?

I meant to post this yesterday. I completely spaced until 9 PST, and then people wouldn’t have read it.

Yesterday was great. I did every exercise with no problem. Felt terrific, and managed to speed up how quickly I am doing the exercises by ANOTHER 5 minutes. As I was doing the scissor lift (I actually love this one), I noticed a new bruise on the inside/back part of my thigh. This isn’t new to me. I’ve been tearing muscles enough since I started this at the beginning on the week around my knees. Tiny bruising was coming up there. What concerned me was the lump underneath the bruise.

Yep, pretty sure that I had damaged one of my hamstring muscles. I couldn’t feel it! There was absolutely no pain when it happened, so I couldn’t tell you when it actually happened. I just knew immediately that I had to be careful. Exacerbating a hamstring injury is no joke, and I didn’t want to make myself be out of commission for longer than a few days. Light stretches, went to shower off the sweat, and then took a really hot bath. Got out, felt fine for a few hours.

Then the pain hit me. Uncomfortable to sit, had to limp while walking. Pain from the back of my knee to the underside of my butt/hip. Looked up the symptoms of a hamstring injury just to be sure I was right, and I am. So, today, I am confined to my bed, have a sweet set up going, doing some constant RICE for the injury (my thigh is actually wrapped up in an ACE bandage, lol), and plan on staying in here for about 2 days (today and tomorrow). That’s the minimum time that one’s hamstring will be injured. I can’t get back to doing ANY exercising until I can do the same things with my injured leg as I can with my normal leg.

This is all fine for me. I know how to take care of an injury by now. I just hate that it’s made me not exercise while I was trying to get out of this plateau! GREAT TIMING, BODY. ;)

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The plateau monster has eated me.

I lost 2 tenths of a pound this week. Really? The amount of work that I have been doing and I lost TWO TENTHS OF A POUND?

EDIT: I just pooped. Even after already having coffee, I ended up losing 0.4 more lbs, making a total of 0.6 this week. Better. Still plateaued.

Least to say, I’m a little pissed.

I have seen people say they hit plateaus for months. I have seen people say they hit a plateau for 2 years (5 pounds until goal, even). Plateaus fucking suck giant donkey dick, and I’m pissed at my body right now.

“Hey, hormones, I have a great idea! Let’s fuck with Melissa’s weight and see how pissed off we can get her!” exclaims my brain.

“Sure, brain! I mean, we have to listen to you anyway! You’re the control system!” I imagine my hormones replied.

*flips off her body*

I have officially been hanging in a 3 pound range (231-234) for the past month. Almost exactly. That is ridiculous! It’s officially a plateau in my head, and I don’t know what I can do to change it.

I am seriously lucky for my friends on Twitter. I don’t know what I would do right now, but two of them (the ones who had the plateaus I’ve mentioned) are on top of it and sending me all the plateau-breaking shit ever. Have to give a huge shout out to Sarah Nelson, because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have found Christie and Jenni (and Jenni’s husband, Adam). Christie and Jenni are all over it, handing me articles and tips on how to get out of this funk with my body. Quite thankful right now to have support from people who have lost weight and are now coaches for others losing weight. And it’s a huge plus that they are fucking hilarious, too. :) Massive love to them.

I’ll get out of this, I don’t know when, but I am going to change up my routine and shock my system a bit. Might go back to my belly dancing videos that do toning for a while instead of tae bo, look at my mom’s ballet exercises she got from Prevention magazine, and all the articles ever from Jenni and Christie.

OH. Right! Measurements! Which have changed! :)

  • Neck: 15.5 (0)
  • Bust: 48.0 (0)
  • Ribs: 39.0 (-0.5)
  • Waist: 49.0 (-0.5)
  • Hips: 51.0 (0)

Annoyed at my hips, as they haven’t changed in 6 weeks. Muscle gain is probably to blame for that with my running that I’ve started and uphill walking. BUT, I am going to change this up and see how I change in the next month. :)

And now, your reminder. There at the top right is a widget that explains my birthday wish, but you can totally check out the full blog post here. TL;DR – I am trying to raise money for a beginner’s roller derby set that I can get for my birthday. This will probably also help shake things up for me. :) You can donate here with PayPal or here with your credit/debit card. Thanks for ANY amount you can spare. If you can’t, try spreading the word for me.

Birthdaaaaaaaay request!

First, I wasn’t going to mention my birthday other than going up to Portland to see my husband. I was, and still kind of am, super depressed about this birthday and I was going to be passive-aggressive and see if anyone even fucking remembered it. Turning 27 is hard for me. I’m going into my late-twenties with the only accomplishment that I’ve done being graduating from trade school and not even having a degree to show it (only a diploma certificate). I know everyone goes through the “getting older” freak out, but remember that fear is perspective, please, and try not to talk me down right now. It only pisses me off more.

Second, I decided that I am serious about roller derby, and really want a beginner’s set so that I can start getting into it. Not only do I love skating (or, well, did), but I love the community that roller derby seems to have, and I want that. I want to feel like I belong, because it’s been a year since I felt that, and 5 years before that. As anti-social as I seem to have become, I apparently thrive in social situations that make me feel comfortable (there were some social events that I have done where I still felt completely left out and fucking awkward).

Don’t know if you are reading this via email or not, but in my widgets is a new one that has a link. This one, in fact. Look at that price! $235 for everything that I need, and that’s at a decent discount already. There IS a cheaper set, but they don’t have my size for it. :\ Now, I’m not asking for someone to outright buy it for me (though, honestly, I wouldn’t refuse that, either). What I want are BIRTHDAY DONATIONS. YAAAAAY. Pull together and try to get the money raised so I can do this.

When I posted about it on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter last night, I was about 75% serious. I really want it, but I highly doubted anyone wanted to put money up for it. Well, someone offered, so I set up my PayPal button for it. I am now accepting donations towards it. There is a link up in the corner, but here’s one in this post as well. Once I get the money, I will take a screen shot of whatever order confirmation I get and then take pictures when I get the stuff! :D

I’m excited. I want this. It’s something that will help me get skinny. We were going to get it for me for when I got down to a size 18 (which I’m almost at), but when shit happened back in February, it’s made it nearly impossible for me to get it, even in small amounts. If you don’t have PayPal but would still like to donate, there is a link at the bottom of that page that I’ll also post here. That lets you use a credit/debit card, or a bank account (where available). Everyone wins! (Maybe not, but you’ll be making me happy in this depressing time of my life, so that has to count for something, right?)

I’ll post the link at the bottom of every post I do on here. Thanks for everything you guys do for me, even making me smile daily does help my sanity for the most part. <3