And the reason we don’t cheat so many days is as follows…


Wait, that’s not what I wanted. Shit.

It’s really depressing when you just hover around a goal. Mine is to be under 250. It has been one of my main goals since I started this in November. I am now 252.6 lbs, up 1.2 lbs from last week. The day the sugar cravings kicked in has proven to be the worst idea ever. That has been my main craving, though.

It’s really good to know what is triggering my cravings. I know what it is, and I will post about it in another post. However, I can’t stop the trigger right now. It just doesn’t work like that. I can, however, distract myself, and that’s what I have been trying to do this week. All I want is chocolate. I don’t know why the craving is specifically for chocolate. Maybe my body is missing something that chocolate has (read: sugar). I will just have to not cheat for a while.

Exercising directly hasn’t been going as planned, but I am moving around. Except yesterday when I had really odd pains in my back that prevented me from moving. Today, those pains are gone, replaced by uterus cramping. I can get around those, though. :) My plan to keep myself moving is going quite awesome.

Now I need to stop “letting” myself slip up. Need to fight it harder since I see how big of an impact it is making on my weight. Instead, I will only give myself chocolate when I really need it, and no other time.

Chris was commenting on the status of my forearms the other day. He told me that I have the forearms of a 13 year old boy. :3 I really hope you all get that.

Here’s to another week of high stress coming up. I will try to post throughout it. If not about weight loss, about me pulling my hair out because I am freaking out. Next post will be about what is going on with the blog and with my life.


Oops! Totally forgot to post!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First post of the year. :)

So, Friday was my weigh in. I guess I forgot to post because I actually gained .6 of a pound. I am not very upset by this, though. Mostly because I can fit into my XXL shirt from Threadless, who are notorious for having shirts run really small. :) I ended up wearing it all day yesterday, and didn’t feel like it was too tight, ever. Even walked around a restaurant with my jacket off! And posted a picture of myself online (first one in the album)! Yeah, I rarely do that. But I was super proud of it. It means that I might be in the range to be a size 18 sooner than I thought!

Yesterday, Chris and I hiked in Washington Park for 3 hours. It was incredibly fun, but kinda spooky towards the end. We were actually hiking in the dark with no flashlight. Oddly enough, I didn’t sprain my ankle until we got out and were walking on the side of the road. :\ Yeah. I’m special. Lmao. We found a TERRIFIC view of Mt. St. Helens from the park. We left our camera at home, though. That 3 hours of hiking translated into over 2k calories burnt, which was a first for me in one day. I’ve come close before, but never actually went over! It was exciting. And my upper thighs are totally telling me that we did that much work, lmao.

Yesterday, we also did super cheat day. With how much we exercised, I didn’t actually go over my calories, but I went WELL over my carbs. I found out a few days ago that I didn’t get the job that we were so expecting me to get. It’s made me realize a lot of things recently, none very good. So, I needed some comfort food, and I had been doing very well with everything so far, so we cheated. I don’t regret it, but I feel like I overdid everything. My stomach pretty much hates me right now. Back to the grind today, and we’ll not indulge so much next time we have a cheat day (which will probably be Valentine’s…).

Since I sprained my ankle, we’ll probably have to take it easy, exercise wise. It really isn’t so bad, not even swollen anymore, a little bruised and tender, but should be healed in a couple days. Going to take it easy, do only upper body stuff (going to find my weights and use them), and not do anything heavy on my feet for a few days to let it heal properly. :) Then back to it! I hope I lose some this week. This week is also measurement week, so there is that! :) Hopefully see you in a few days!