2.2 lbs away from 10% weight lost!

This is a huge milestone for me.

I’m under 250 (I think…my mom’s scale is a bit off…), and I’m almost to the point where I can say, “Yes, I’ve lost 10% of my starting weight.” And it’s not muscle. It’s mostly body fat! I am actually quite excited about this. I know I should have a non-food treat in preparation for this, but I have no money to go do something with. The thing I REALLY want to do is get a pedicure. I have $5 to my name right now, and that won’t get me anywhere when I lose the rest of the weight, lol.

I have spent a lot of time talking with my husband about things that I can do down here without him. There’s the hill I can go hiking on, but it’s still wet here. And it actually snows down here. It’s harder to do stuff outside when snow is on the ground and your only pair of walking shoes have holes in them. It just doesn’t work out well. :\ I am going to definitely go out there today while it’s still dry, though. It’s supposed to snow all weekend. I fucking hate snow. >:(

We talked about me going to a gym for everything, but I need the contact. I don’t know why, but the contact really helps me out. So we found a ju-jitsu place here. I need to call them and get some information. I am oddly anxious about calling people and talking on the phone in front of my parents. I have no fucking clue why. I never used to be. I am getting worse in my old age. There’s also a skating rink here, and I need to see if they are even open anymore. A lot of shit here is closed down, but still shows up in searches. And almost nothing here has a fucking website. That’s annoying to me. :\ #bigcityproblems

I need to find stuff to do soon. I might end up gaining if I don’t. :< And I can’t have that. I cannot go back to Chris the same weight or heavier than I am now.