Geek Fit!

For just over a week now, I’ve been part of an amazing group on Google+ for us that need a bit more support. We aren’t getting the support we need in other places, and it helps us to be accountable to losing weight. We have a private calendar to track when we exercise and everything. I love the calendar, it’s great. Better than this blog for being accountable for my exercise. More people see the calendar.

For my current status, I picked up one of our bags with 2 gallons of milk in it (among a few other things), and it really didn’t seem all that heavy! I am building muscle thanks to getting groceries by foot! Super excited about it. I weighed myself yesterday, but I have only lost a pound in the past week. The thing I noticed, though, is that my fat percentage went down by 2%. I don’t know how accurate that thing is, but it’s the first time I remember ever seeing it go down instead of up! :D

I gave up on Couch to 5K. Only because I really am not ready. Instead, I’ve started belly dancing, which was an AMAZING workout. 40 minutes burned so many calories! Today, Chris and I started focus training for kick boxing. THAT was an awesome workout, too! 20 minutes burned so many more calories! So, I plan on, during weekdays, doing the 20 minutes with the husband, and then later doing the 40 minutes of belly dancing. If I keep that up, I should lose the weight quickly. And I read something today that when you visualize exercising a specific muscle group, it tends to work it out more. That’s great news for learning how to belly dance, because it is ALL about localizing movements!

On G+, there are a few people who go “off track”. They get frustrated and then start over the next day. I mentioned this a little bit on there. I quit smoking in 2007. The forum I joined for support taught me a way of thinking that I believe would be great in this situation. Most people think “I will eat healthier for the rest of my life, and exercise every other day for 30 minutes!” Well, that’s where most people end up failing. That goal is too big. The best thing to do is to scratch this thinking. Even today, I have to say “I will not smoke today”. Now I also think, “I will eat healthy today”. That’s all you have to think about. Just today. Just the one day. You will eat good things today. You will exercise today. Do not worry about any other day! That way, you will be starting over each and every day. It works really well.

I also mentioned “no excuses”. I have a few people in this group that are adopting that, and it is making me so proud! We are all doing so good.

I have been eating under my calorie goal for the day via My Fitness Pal, eating smaller portions, and a lot of things only eating a serving of! I am mquarry on there if anyone wants to friend me. It’s been a great journey these past couple weeks, and I cannot wait for everyone else to be as excited as I am about doing this.



So, as you can see from my title, I just got done running.

…for a whole TWO MINUTES.

The app I have has you walk for 5, run for 1 alternately for 30 minutes. Not a bad idea, really. However, I underestimated the strength I would need to do more than 2 turns of it.

I got .75 miles and couldn’t do it anymore. Muscles cramped up like crazy. Just goes to show you how much not climbing that mountain for a month will make me out of shape. I walked back, though, instead of resting. Muscles are still slightly sore, but that’s okay. Water and some sitting for a bit will help that. :)

I’m not discouraged, though. I will try again in 2 days. Maybe I can go further then. If not, I will keep going until I can do the whole thing.

I should have, however, realize that an ear infection and ear buds might not be a great mix. Not in pain while listening to everything, but holy shit, do my ears feel funny now.

So, I’m not completely dead, but I couldn’t finish the entire thing. I will keep updates of all that I do throughout the week. :)

8 months, really?

I didn’t realize I had neglected this for so long.


Update! For those that don’t know (who the hell follows this anyway…), I moved to Portland in May. I got a job here in June. I have a weird thing going on with my hip that prevents me from sitting for so long. The job I had was sitting. Had to quit said job.

We’re doing better. We don’t eat out as often. We don’t eat a TON of junk food. We’re making healthier decisions. I’ve actually lost weight. Not much, only enough to tell I have, but I have lost weight. I’m at 268 right now, and have been steady at that for a while. I am now tracking my calories (which is a REAL eye opener, holy shit). I’m not supposed to be eating more than 1660 calories a day, which is actually easier than I thought. I mostly quit soda again. I’m drinking around 128 oz of water a day. There’s a cinder cone near us. It’s 630 ft high. We can climb from the base to the top in less than 45 minutes, and that’s including one 15 minute break. Changes are really happening.

Tomorrow, I start running. I’m going to be doing Couchto5k. My goal is to be able run a 5k next year. I am excited about this. I have support. I have seen the weight loss and I want more. I am now starting to be able to fit into my 2X shirts. I can FIT into 1X or XL female shirts, but just barely. I want to finally be able to wear my smaller shirts that I won. I want to go down in pants sizes. This will happen.

I have enough will now to start doing all these things by myself. And I think that’s what I’m most proud of. I will try to update a little more on here so that I can keep track of it.

And I want to thank those that are supportive of me. I’m tired of being the old lady with all the aches. It’s not fun. I need to be healthy. Not only to have kids, but to continue living for those kids. :)