Day 6 (and 7): Where did this bruise come from?

I meant to post this yesterday. I completely spaced until 9 PST, and then people wouldn’t have read it.

Yesterday was great. I did every exercise with no problem. Felt terrific, and managed to speed up how quickly I am doing the exercises by ANOTHER 5 minutes. As I was doing the scissor lift (I actually love this one), I noticed a new bruise on the inside/back part of my thigh. This isn’t new to me. I’ve been tearing muscles enough since I started this at the beginning on the week around my knees. Tiny bruising was coming up there. What concerned me was the lump underneath the bruise.

Yep, pretty sure that I had damaged one of my hamstring muscles. I couldn’t feel it! There was absolutely no pain when it happened, so I couldn’t tell you when it actually happened. I just knew immediately that I had to be careful. Exacerbating a hamstring injury is no joke, and I didn’t want to make myself be out of commission for longer than a few days. Light stretches, went to shower off the sweat, and then took a really hot bath. Got out, felt fine for a few hours.

Then the pain hit me. Uncomfortable to sit, had to limp while walking. Pain from the back of my knee to the underside of my butt/hip. Looked up the symptoms of a hamstring injury just to be sure I was right, and I am. So, today, I am confined to my bed, have a sweet set up going, doing some constant RICE for the injury (my thigh is actually wrapped up in an ACE bandage, lol), and plan on staying in here for about 2 days (today and tomorrow). That’s the minimum time that one’s hamstring will be injured. I can’t get back to doing ANY exercising until I can do the same things with my injured leg as I can with my normal leg.

This is all fine for me. I know how to take care of an injury by now. I just hate that it’s made me not exercise while I was trying to get out of this plateau! GREAT TIMING, BODY. ;)

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Derby derby derby derby…

As I said on Friday, I went to a derby bout last night. I had an absolute blast. Seriously. I fucking love derby so hard. I WISH I COULD JOIN A TEAM.

Favorite picture from last night?

That would be Anita Blunt taking an epic tumble. LOVE these girls. They make me feel so incredibly empowered, and they are so super fun to hang out with.

The main point of this post is actually me being super proud of myself. I went over my calories today, but I barely did yesterday. We walked around for about 2 hours total, so the hot wings and fries I had at the bar didn’t make me go over too much. ;) I am really proud of myself. Out and about, in a different town, and totally didn’t go overboard!

This makes me realize that I CAN go out and do stuff and still be able to control myself. This makes me really happy. We had Taco Bell yesterday, but I only had 3 Supreme Tacos (600 calories), and showed my mom the fresco menu there.

I am super sleepy right now, and really can’t post a real post. I just wanted to post about how proud I am of myself.

Last weekly weigh day!

Like I said earlier this week, I will no longer be weighing myself weekly. I think after nearly 6 months of every other week showing progress, I can safely say that biweekly weigh ins will be infinitely better than weekly ones.

This week I lost 3.6 lbs from last week, making me at exactly 40 pounds lost since I started this in November. I was 271 then, and I’m now 231. Forty pounds lost in 6 months is well within healthy range, and that makes me happy. Yes, it’s slow going; but I am happy with the progress I’ve made and will continue doing. When I moved to Portland, I was 284, and that was almost a year ago. Measurements!

  • Neck: 15.5 (0)
  • Bust: 48.0 (-0.5)
  • Ribs: 39.5 (0)
  • Waist: 49.5 (-0.5)
  • Hips: 51 (0)

I am super proud of myself. I have gone from a size 26 in pants to a size 20; a size 4X in shirts to a 2X, and in some cases, an XL. I have gone from being extremely weak and out of shape to being able to carry several bags of groceries from the car and up stairs. And I am not even half way to my goal.

I realized today that I don’t even pay attention to the weight loss anymore. I know it is going to happen, it’s just a question as to how much. Loss or gain doesn’t phase me anymore. I get excited when I get into the next lower “tens” of weight, and I love getting to percentage goals (in fact, this is 15% right here at 40 lbs lost…well, 14.7%, but that is DAMN close). The weekly weigh ins, though, just don’t do anything for me. I think changing it up to every 2 weeks will be better for me with this.

I’m going to a DERBY BOUT TOMORROW. I am so excited about this. It’s the first one I’ve been to in over a year. A friend of my mom’s is on the derby team in Redding, CA, and we’re driving down there to go see her skate! She’s actually on the roster. So excited for her. I miss going to derby. So much. And I cannot wait to be able to start preparing to join a team myself.

Now! I need to be off to eat, because I’ve been up well over 2 hours and haven’t done so. Bad, Missy.