Bronchitis fucking sucks.

The great thing about having bronchitis is I can not exercise and don’t have to worry about feeling guilty.

The worst thing about bronchitis is that I feel stupidly guilty for not exercising!

I’m stressed. I cannot pinpoint what about. It’s really frustrating because I can generally tell why I am stressed or what about. I can’t right now. I haven’t been able to for a couple of days. All I want to do is either cry super hard or eat my feelings. Nothing seems to be satisfying my eating, either, so I ignore that one for now.

And before it’s asked, no, not pregnant.

Good thing is that I was able to run to the train stop today for a little bit and walk up stairs and not feel like I was going to have an asthma attack. So, I get to go back to the gym tomorrow.

Today, for no apparent reason, my back decided to super hurt in that one bad spot that I think is a herniated disc. It hurts so bad I feel like I’m going to puke. Here after I post this, I will be laying down flat on my back for a while on heat and ice, and will watch a show or two to catch up with the husband. I am partially excited that this keeps happening because I just signed up for benefits at work and will be able to see a doctor soon. Really worried that it’s happening for seemingly no reason at all and this fucking strong.

Sometimes, I am really surprised that I am functioning.

Well, we’re going on vacation as of Saturday. I am so excited I cannot contain it. I have this whole week of training, so no phones, then all next week in California. It’s going to be in the 80’s there, and Chris’ dad has a freaking hot tub. BATHING SUITS ARE GOING WITH US. We have a car taken care of, everything we want to do is still supposed to be happening. I am just so excited to go somewhere and not worry about anything for a whole week. It will be a nice change. :3

I lost weight last week AND inches. I definitely plan on running this week. My wedding band is amazingly loose. I am worried that I will have to not wear it anymore for fear of losing it! That kind of makes me happy. ;)

Anyway…that’s it. Yeah…….


Day …something?: Up early and doctor’s appointment.

I can’t count right now…what day is this.

ELEVEN. It goes to 11. :D

Anyway. Was up at 8 am for the first time in…uh, months. Ate. Exercised. Showered. Did my hair. Two and a half hours total to do, but it was all done properly and efficiently! That makes me happy, and gives me something to go on for when I get a job.

Two hour drive into Ashland (which is SUPER pretty, nothing like Klamath). Drove on a stupidly windy (WHINEdy, not win-dy) road that was downhill on a mountain and I super freaked out. I hate downhill driving. Especially with switchbacks. Fuck that shit. Got into Ashland just fine, and found the Planned Parenthood just fine…but, uh, didn’t? We were at the building, but didn’t walk all the way around it, which is what we should have done, derp.

Long story short, my IUD is still in and in place (according to feeling the outside – YAY PELVIC EXAMS). NO pain while feeling my uterus and ovaries (which is a first in almost 10 years). She says it’s not normal to have a period so normal while on the Mirena, but with the amount of weight that I have lost, it’s probably throwing my hormones out of control. Throw in the Mirena’s hormones, and me properly ovulating for the first time my adult life, it’s given me normal periods. Good sign is that I AM ovulating properly, and I am also properly protected right now. :D

So, YAY. All good up in my lady bits. :D I weigh 53 pounds lighter than when I got my Mirena placed, so it does make sense. Either my body will balance out and I don’t have any more periods, or I have normal periods while on the Mirena! Either way, I’m just glad it’s still in there. And really glad I got my exercise done BEFORE the pelvic exam. Now, to eat, rest, and watch more Avatar. :D