Finally home alone…

The house… It’s too quiet…

I’ve been working out really hard since Friday. I get to start belly dancing today again! I am really excited. We went to a Moroccan restaurant on Sunday night, they had a belly dancer. It made me miss it. So glad I get to shake my ass without people staring at me, lol.

Times have been increased, I am dying during some exercises, we’re doing different exercises…

I just want to take this time before I exercise today to note that I have now been doing this a month. It’s now habit to exercise, habit to track my food, habit to not have large cravings… And it can only get better from here. :)

My next post will be on my weigh in! This post is lacking mostly because…nothing has gone on really. So, enjoy your hump day. I am about to get my ass kicked. :D


Uneventful Weigh Day

Oddly enough, I really did lose absolutely no weight. I am the exact same weight that I was before (to the tenth of a pound). However, my body fat percentage went up, so I believe I made more muscle than anything.

I am not really as phased by it as I thought I would be. It’s really nothing, considering I know that I did my best while guests have been here. And the injury didn’t help, I’m sure, because I had to go easy a couple days. Today I was able to pound it out, though. Tomorrow is my off day, but I probably won’t post. It’s supposed to be a nice and busy day. My next day off is Tuesday, and that’s when Lorien and baby Arya is leaving. I am probably going to be a bumbling mess then, but I will post. :D

I was able to do elbow stuff today, but really lightly. I tried doing it hard, but my arm twinged with pain a bit. Able to do the motion, but not able to do any damage. Soooooon. Also, my hamstring is feeling much better today. Still a little tight, but that’s okay. Shit happens.

Taking a daily vitamin today. I hate how they smell. And we’re going to drink some beer today at the PDX Holiday Ale Festival (CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE ONE OF THESE). Have to log all the beer that I will be drinking. Blarg. I am still making good choices, though! I don’t think next week will be a good weigh in, though, either.

Welp, time for that after work out shower. My sister should be home by then, and then off to downtown! Got a few things to do down there including a tea store and sushi. Woot.