The Post That Was to Happen Yesterday but Didn’t.

Actually, the plague has taken over me TODAY. Sort of. It’s the beginning of it but HOW DARE IT SHOW ITS UGLY FACE ON A DAY I WAS TO EXERCISE HEAVILY?

Two days ago, I went hiking up Hogback. I got, oh, a third up the lowest peak when I decided to look down. It was steep. I got vertigo (something I have to fight with a lot), so I sat down. Then I got dizzy (so, on top of the “oh fuck I’m going to fall” feeling) from the lack of oxygen. This solidifies why I didn’t exercise in Colorado, lol! So, I took pictures of the town, calmed myself down, then tried not to fall face first going back down the hill.


I felt like a failure. That’s the first time I’ve tried something that I wasn’t able to finish in a long time. I was hiking for about 50 minutes with a 15 lb backpack on, though. I came home covered in sweat and mud. I was super flushed for about an hour after I got home, though.

Today was supposed to be my #2 attempt! Late last night, my throat started getting scratchy. A couple hours later, it hurt to swallow. Sure enough, I check my throat and one of my tonsils is swollen. :\ Well, shit. Maybe it will be fine in the morning? Nope! Chuck Testa! I mean…wait, what was I talking about?

So, none of that exercise shit for a little bit. Being sick is the worst while exercising. Blood pumping, you’re more exhausted since your body is doing more work, chance of it getting worse or spreading. So, I’m out of commission until I am sure that it’s nothing. I really hope the downstairs neighbors didn’t give me the plague that they have had for the past week. The coughing that has been going on downstairs has been fucking horrible. To be fair, they ARE smokers, and that doesn’t help with being sick.

Oh gods. My face is feeling floaty. IS IT GETTING WORSE?

Well, fuck. Okay. Whatever. I haven’t had a good illness in a couple years, and I can’t blame my husband. I’ll find someone, dammit! Maybe I just got sick while being out and exercising on Tuesday? That’s actually a good excuse…

WEIGH DAY TOMORROW. I really need to figure out how to do measurements here… :\


Oh, and re: my TMI post of the year, everything seems okay. I’m still bleeding that weird brown shit (sorry, males that read my blog!), but there is minimal pain now, and I don’t feel like dying. Still not sure what is going on. A huge part of me thinks that I lost my IUD, so I’m going to check for the string as soon as I can.