More injuries

Except this time, it’s my knuckles!

For those that didn’t see me post EVERYWHERE, I actually split 2 of my knuckles open while exercising yesterday. While painful, it’s really good. It means that I am hitting fairly hard, and finally building up calluses! The downside is that they ARE on my knuckles, making it incredibly difficult to bandage…

Chris’ goal for me this week is that 5 lb loss again. That would be great if he got me there, because then that would negate my no loss just over a week ago. Well, almost. Close. I would really like to lose that much!

I am starting to notice a LOT with the weight loss. I can tell when I lose inches now. It’s going slow, but I think I am about a size 20 finally. My underwear has this saggy butt thing going on. It’s annoying, lol. That’s one thing that I will have to buy consistently throughout this journey: underwear. Didn’t even think of that until last night. I, luckily, have enough clothes to not have to worry about getting more until I get under a size 16. However, my face is definitely starting to get thinner. The lines that go from your nose to the corners of your mouth when you smile, that’s not nearly as deep on me. I have “dimples” where my cheek goes in, but the rest of my face just kind of got fat around, they are getting more shallow. And I can see that my neck is getting thinner. There are some other NSFanyoneelsebutChrisandI things that I have noticed, and it makes me happier. My LEGS. Holy shit, it is really weird to see how skinny my legs are getting. They aren’t super model thin, but I didn’t realize how much weight I actually had in them. And since my toes are no longer stubby, they look very similar to my brother’s feet. Bah.

So, my first 10 pounds has been lost. I only need to do that 10 more times to get to my goal. :) This week should definitely be better since I don’t have to worry about guests anymore! And my husband is on My Fitness Pal now, which makes this journey even MORE easy.

See you all in a few days. ;)


Uneventful Weigh Day

Oddly enough, I really did lose absolutely no weight. I am the exact same weight that I was before (to the tenth of a pound). However, my body fat percentage went up, so I believe I made more muscle than anything.

I am not really as phased by it as I thought I would be. It’s really nothing, considering I know that I did my best while guests have been here. And the injury didn’t help, I’m sure, because I had to go easy a couple days. Today I was able to pound it out, though. Tomorrow is my off day, but I probably won’t post. It’s supposed to be a nice and busy day. My next day off is Tuesday, and that’s when Lorien and baby Arya is leaving. I am probably going to be a bumbling mess then, but I will post. :D

I was able to do elbow stuff today, but really lightly. I tried doing it hard, but my arm twinged with pain a bit. Able to do the motion, but not able to do any damage. Soooooon. Also, my hamstring is feeling much better today. Still a little tight, but that’s okay. Shit happens.

Taking a daily vitamin today. I hate how they smell. And we’re going to drink some beer today at the PDX Holiday Ale Festival (CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE ONE OF THESE). Have to log all the beer that I will be drinking. Blarg. I am still making good choices, though! I don’t think next week will be a good weigh in, though, either.

Welp, time for that after work out shower. My sister should be home by then, and then off to downtown! Got a few things to do down there including a tea store and sushi. Woot.

My Life Has Been Overtaken!

Not at all in a bad way, though.

My parents were here last week, this week I have my best fried, Lorien, and her BEAUTIFUL 5 month old daughter Arya. It’s the first time I’m meeting Arya in person, and I have just fallen in love with the girl.

Yesterday was my day off (well, now 2 days ago as I post this…), and I completely spaced making a post. Tonight I have been cleaning and crocheting (trying to get Arya’s blanket done before they leave!), and only just got around to it. Tomorrow (…Friday) is my weigh day. Just like last week, I really don’t feel like I’ve lost much. I probably have, but it probably isn’t so noticeable. I am not stressing about it, though. I am sure I lost at least SOMETHING. Hell, I lost 5 lbs during the week of Thanksgiving. I am sad that I am not doing belly dancing right now, though… :\

My injury to my arm is pretty much completely healed! My right hamstring, however, was super tight when I woke up this morning. No explanation for that. So now I’m icing it. :( Might take some Icy/Hot to it later tonight.

Been super tired lately. Think I’m going to start taking daily vitamins. I know that I am eating okay, but I am just not getting enough of everything that I should be. That might be the reason why I am not able to get up, and then why my muscles are so hateful the rest of the day. I am doing my stretching before and after my workouts, so I know it’s not that.

Welp, I was thinking of posting this one again tomorrow after the auto-posts on FB and Twitter, but I will be posting again tomorrow after I weigh myself. I’ll just let you guys find this yourselves. :D

Injuries Expected

Well, they really shouldn’t be completely expected, but they should be at the same time.

Yesterday, during my cool down, I tore my left deltoid while doing elbows. It snapped and immediately there was pain. Since I knew exactly what it was when it happened (because I tore muscles in my wrist, same arm, last year), I stopped, took ibuprofen, and iced it. Spent most of the day icing and heating my upper arm. We went to the store last night, so to keep me from using my left arm, we made a make shift sling to strap it to my body. Worked out well. Didn’t do dishes like I was going to do yesterday, but Chris did. Then I just lazed around. I took a nice nap at one point. My body was exhausted. Slept 10 hours last night, and now my arm feels almost perfect.

Will obviously take it easy today, but this means that I might be back to normal by tomorrow and will be able to do most of my exercises. I will still take it easy tomorrow, though. Icing and heating it again, but I won’t need the ibuprofen today. And hopefully everything will be awesome tomorrow! I was a little worried about the injury. My best friend is coming to town on Tuesday with her infant daughter, and I wanted to be able to cuddle her a lot. Looks like I’ll be able to.

Back to the 2 days on, one day off routine. We’ve increased the amount of time that I am doing some of my workouts. I think I forgot to post about this when it happened, but I punched 161 times in one minute! The first time I did it, I did 158 punches in one minute, so I increased it by 3. :D Super impressed with myself. My goal right now is to get the same amount of punches as Master of Puppets has beats per minute (for those that don’t know, it’s 220 bpm). Lmao. We will end up having to go to video for that, Chris can’t count that fast.

Doing good, anxiety is getting better, depression is still there. However, I feel amazing. I don’t waddle as much as I used to. And my legs are looking more like a lady’s legs. It’s still a bit of a shock to see how much fat I have actually lost. I have a long way to go still, but the amount that I have lost so far is making me super hopeful that I will get there in no time. :D