Day 23: Another injury and finally back home.

So, I injured my hamstring again. I think it’s just a strain this time, but it’s really annoying.

I am back home! I realize I haven’t posted since …last Thursday now. I weighed myself and it wasn’t much of a loss. Then I weighed myself on Monday morning and apparently have gained 6 lbs back. I know that isn’t right, but it does make me seriously question the accuracy of our scale’s calibration. My mom and I have the same brand and model of scale, and the discrepancy is huge. Elevation does adjust weight, but I didn’t change enough in elevation to justify that much of a change. Anyway, now I’m “officially” 233 lbs, and will continue to go by this scale here.

Even with my injury, we don’t have the materials I need to exercise properly. Will probably be getting them with next week’s check. I do have stuff I can replace it with, which is awesome. I just wish I were able to finish out this whole “boot camp” thing as it’s supposed to be.

If there is no loss this week, I am upping my calories again. Actually, I should scratch that until next week, honestly. It’s my birthday on Thursday, and I will be having one slice of cake. I will be walking around a lot, too,  but I am really not sure how well all of that is going to go. I guess we will see then!

Damn, we were going to go to the Japanese Gardens this weekend for my 15% loss, but I’m not there anymore. Guess it’s only the zoo for my birthday!

I am not feeling so well today, mentally, for some reason. And that’s really odd because today is the sunniest day since I’ve been back. :\ Bleh. Maybe I will nap and see if I feel better after that? *sigh*


Day 6 (and 7): Where did this bruise come from?

I meant to post this yesterday. I completely spaced until 9 PST, and then people wouldn’t have read it.

Yesterday was great. I did every exercise with no problem. Felt terrific, and managed to speed up how quickly I am doing the exercises by ANOTHER 5 minutes. As I was doing the scissor lift (I actually love this one), I noticed a new bruise on the inside/back part of my thigh. This isn’t new to me. I’ve been tearing muscles enough since I started this at the beginning on the week around my knees. Tiny bruising was coming up there. What concerned me was the lump underneath the bruise.

Yep, pretty sure that I had damaged one of my hamstring muscles. I couldn’t feel it! There was absolutely no pain when it happened, so I couldn’t tell you when it actually happened. I just knew immediately that I had to be careful. Exacerbating a hamstring injury is no joke, and I didn’t want to make myself be out of commission for longer than a few days. Light stretches, went to shower off the sweat, and then took a really hot bath. Got out, felt fine for a few hours.

Then the pain hit me. Uncomfortable to sit, had to limp while walking. Pain from the back of my knee to the underside of my butt/hip. Looked up the symptoms of a hamstring injury just to be sure I was right, and I am. So, today, I am confined to my bed, have a sweet set up going, doing some constant RICE for the injury (my thigh is actually wrapped up in an ACE bandage, lol), and plan on staying in here for about 2 days (today and tomorrow). That’s the minimum time that one’s hamstring will be injured. I can’t get back to doing ANY exercising until I can do the same things with my injured leg as I can with my normal leg.

This is all fine for me. I know how to take care of an injury by now. I just hate that it’s made me not exercise while I was trying to get out of this plateau! GREAT TIMING, BODY. ;)

Remember! I am accepting donations for the skating set I want to start roller derby! You can read all about it here, or you can just give me money by clicking up at the top right there on my page. :3

Adventures with running!

I do not like running.

I have told many people that I don’t run because I don’t want to knock myself out (gigantic tits).

I ran today.

It was mostly downhill, see. Downhill is easy. Gravity does most of the work for you! We have a hill road that leads up to the street we’re on that I am sure I’ve talked about before. It’s half a mile down and half a mile back. I ran halfway down the hill, which means roughly a quarter of a mile. I was fine. I felt good! My calves wanted to cramp at one point when I was walking, but they never did and the worry went away. I was proud of myself. Nothing hurt (the last time I attempted running, my shins REALLY hurt). Got to the bottom of the hill/end of the street and paused. I was going to run up the hill.

And I did.

For about 1/8th of a mile. The way the hill goes is 2% incline to OMFG 8% INCLINE. I told myself, “Make it to the top of this incline, you can walk the rest of the way up.” And I tried. So hard. Halfway up the 8% incline and my body gave out. If I didn’t stop, I was going to collapse.

And then I had to walk up the rest of the hill (which becomes a 9% incline and then a steady 7% incline) to get home. Fuck. I didn’t think this through.

I got home. I almost passed out going up the stairs. I made it up the hill that my body didn’t want to go up. And then spent the next 10 minutes trying to calm my heart rate, breathe, and not pass out, all at once. It’s 50 degrees out with a really nice breeze. Cloudy, not too hot, it’s been raining most of the morning. I get in the house that is 70 degrees and has no breeze. I almost immediately passed out, so I had to rush back outside to the chair on the patio.

I don’t regret this. I did my stretches, logged my work, and felt great once I finally ate something! I didn’t hurt anything, which is the good sign, my body just gave out on me. I am still not used to the elevation and lack of oxygen. I am sure when I get back to Portland that I will be able to run better (thinking of running in Washington Park…so exciting!). My lungs still kind of burn, and it’s been over an hour since I finished.

Did my stretches, and collapsed in front of the computer. This was a major break for me seeing as I was in a boot for the majority of the past 5 weeks. My toe felt slightly uncomfortable, but didn’t hurt to the point where I had to limp or couldn’t put all my weight on it. This makes me happy, and makes me want to do some more tae bo. I might end up doing that tomorrow depending on how I feel. :)

Oh, and I was able to do NINE real push ups today, a jump from 6 for several days in a row. Fucking WOOT. :D

Partial recap of the month…

So, some of you might remember that I posted about my goal to lose 5 lbs this month in this post. I had been slacking. Letting myself slip. I was really depressed most of February because I had to leave my husband behind in Portland. I know I will be able to see him again (unlike my boys), but it’s really painful to be so far away. Whoever fucking said that distance doesn’t matter when you love something so much was in utter denial. Distance is everything to me right now. >:(

ANYWAY. *cough*

Yes. I didn’t cut back on alcohol much, but I did make sure to not go COMPLETELY over my calories, or do some heavy exercise the next day. There were a couple times where that didn’t happen. In fact, a lot of this week I ended up going over on my calories, but not by much. My gain this week was only 0.8 lbs, so I don’t find that as TOO bad. My gains have been quite small compared to the previous week’s loss! And this gain still kept me over my weight loss goal for this month!

I should probably say what that was!

My weight on 3/2 was 243.6 lbs. My weight today is 236.4 lbs. Total loss this month is 7.2 lbs! More than my goal (woohoo) and almost spot on with my monthly average I mentioned in the post linked above.

Today was also measurement day, but I had absolutely no loss with that in the past 2 weeks. That right there is quite odd to me, because I am pretty sure I’ve always had a loss with my measurements before. To be fair, though, I WAS measuring myself with a stretchy string…lol!

I don’t know if I mentioned it here on the blog, but I am wearing a boot for my retarded broken toe. It hasn’t been healing. It’s almost there, but then I exercise or walk around for longer than an hour and all of a sudden it’s swollen for a day or two again. So, I threw the boot on and I’m taking it easy for a bit. Only a week right now, but we shall see how I am on Tuesday or Wednesday without it on. I don’t WANT to wear the boot when Chris is here next week (OMFG SIX DAYS GUYS), but I will do it if my body says I have to.

Another idea was given to me by The Biggest Loser last night with money incentive for loss. Not the $1,000 they were doing per pound, but the idea is still cool nonetheless. With me wearing the boot right now, though, the incentive is just kind of wasted. I can’t do many exercises, so I’m only eating healthy right now (well, yeah, mostly). But once I am out of this boot, it’s on like fucking Donkey Kong!

Speaking of The Biggest Loser, holy fuck, was this last episode just FULL of the worst advertisements I’ve seen in a while. The beginning of the show was pretty much nothing but a huge ad for Newman’s. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I really only slightly pay attention to the show now. An hour and a half (on Hulu) is entirely too long for it now. Just…ugh. /rant

I’m teaching myself how to code! I want to be useful! Learning JavaScript right now. Will be teaching myself Python in the future. No, this is not a place to suggest what to learn. I’ve already made up my mind. :P I discovered Codecademy yesterday, and I fucking love it. The math is getting harder, but I am having so much fun actually making things WORK. :3

It’s rainy season here! Klamath Falls apparently has proper seasons here! This is good news for me, because it means it will be warming up soon, and I might be able to go HIKING again! YAY. I mean, I can’t do anything with this stupid ass toe, but shortly I will be able to hike and see the town all green (instead of this mucky brown shit). We have also been talking about going to Crater Lake and the lava tunnels here in Southern Oregon, both of which I am really excited to go to. Lots of hiking involved with both, and I LOVE exploring. :D

I probably won’t post an actual weight post next Friday seeing as my husband will be here, and he’s more important than any of you fuckers (yeah, I said it…). I don’t expect to have much of a web presence then, so here’s a warning. I’ll try to remember to post about the boot and if I still have to wear it.

This. Is the end of the post.

19 pounds down in less than 2 months.

Yes, people, that is right! I never thought I would lose so much so fast. I’ve almost lost 10% of my original weight in these2 months alone! That is MASSIVE (and I was massive).

I lost 6.2 pounds this week, pretty much confirming that my hormones are pretty normal and my PCOS might be under control now. That makes me super happy. I might attribute it to also doing 2 hours of tae bo last Saturday, lol. Maybe I will attempt that again sometime next week.

I pulled my groin muscle yesterday during tae bo (I have pulled it several times over the past 9 years). Exercise is going to be light for a few days, maybe even none. I will be doing some walking for sure. Might even walk up and down the hill here a few times if it doesn’t bother my foot too much (which is seriously hating shoes again, but I think it’s because I try to walk too normal).

I am excited for my husband to see me in less than 2 weeks. I’ve lost so much that I can see massive differences in from when I started.

So, more comparison photos!

This was back in September before I REALLY started to lose weight (man, I miss Portland so much).

And this is me within the last couple weeks, almost the same position.

It’s kind of amazing when you compare where the back of my neck is compared to my ear, lmao. OBVIOUS face fat is gone. More defined line from my neck to my shoulder…

And I plan on getting smaller and smaller. :D


…and I know how to use it!

No, really, I do.

Some of you might remember my measurements I was taking almost 2 months ago (god, have I really been this lazy…). I was using a string, that was kind of stretchy, and putting that on a regular tape measure. Not quite accurate, but I had made it work, mostly.

So, I am starting my measurements from THIS entry now, since I know that they are accurate. They are as follows:

  • Neck: 17
  • Bust: 49
  • Ribs: 40.5
  • Waist: 50.5
  • Hips: 53

I gained 3.2 lbs this week, making me JUST AT my 10% weight loss goal. That’s slightly depressing. I will have to work hard to lose weight again.

Oh, right. Broken toe (which, we’ve pretty much confirmed it is…).

This is a bump in the road, and I know I can get around it, but I can’t do the things that help me lose weight quickly. Time to find ways to exercise that doesn’t include my feet.

We did, last night. Well, my lovely husband did. YouTube videos for high energy exercises that you do in an office chair. Pretty freaking awesome if you tell me. I’m worried about a couple of them because they have you lift your knee up, but I am fairly confident I can lift my knee up without using my toes thanks to kick boxing.

I miss kick boxing so much. It’s not offered anywhere here.

So, I have up to 4 weeks of not heavily using my toes, which means 4 weeks of no hiking. Tomorrow I am taping up my toe. I injured it again last night while getting a Coke Zero, put all my weight on the foot, so I want to have one more day of it being elevated without being taped up. I’ll probably still keep it elevated while it’s taped, but we’ll see how I feel.

I am quite discouraged by this injury. All I want to do is eat all the shitty stuff that I do to make myself feel better. I feel useless. I miss everything. And now I can’t go hiking, which I love to do, because I ran into the fucking couch. I believe it sent my depression spiraling. I am hoping the exercises my husband found will help keep me active. I’ve lost a lot of tone (but not really muscle), so I feel kind of like I’ve given up on myself, even though that’s not the case.

Sorry for the kind of downer post. I’m really not happy with myself, and it’s kind of hard to pump myself up when all I feel is self-loathing. Now I need to figure out how to get out of this without gaining ALL the weight. Need to stay over my 10% weight lost blip. I don’t know if I can handle going back up right now. :\

Well, this happened…

I am about 90% sure I broke my pinky toe yesterday. The other 10% says jammed or dislocated, but everything doesn’t quite match up with those.

No, I will not go to the ER. With no insurance, all they will do is tell me they can’t cast the toe anyway and send me on my way with a $2,000 bill for xrays. :\ I broke a toe on the same foot when I was 11, and that’s all the doctor told me then, too.

I walked into a couch. A couch that is pretty solid. With only my pinky toe. Unlike most people, though, a string of profanities did not come out of my mouth. No, when I get injured, I’m fairly quiet about the whole thing. Which kind of shocked my step dad, seeing as I say ‘fuck’ every other sentence when I speak.

I have the mouth of a sailor.

Well, what that means is that I have to stay off of my feet for at least 3 days. Ice, rest, elevation. This really sucks because I was planning on shoveling snow over the next couple days, but can’t now! I also can’t go hiking for at least 2 weeks.


This sucks. /sigh

Oops! Totally forgot to post!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First post of the year. :)

So, Friday was my weigh in. I guess I forgot to post because I actually gained .6 of a pound. I am not very upset by this, though. Mostly because I can fit into my XXL shirt from Threadless, who are notorious for having shirts run really small. :) I ended up wearing it all day yesterday, and didn’t feel like it was too tight, ever. Even walked around a restaurant with my jacket off! And posted a picture of myself online (first one in the album)! Yeah, I rarely do that. But I was super proud of it. It means that I might be in the range to be a size 18 sooner than I thought!

Yesterday, Chris and I hiked in Washington Park for 3 hours. It was incredibly fun, but kinda spooky towards the end. We were actually hiking in the dark with no flashlight. Oddly enough, I didn’t sprain my ankle until we got out and were walking on the side of the road. :\ Yeah. I’m special. Lmao. We found a TERRIFIC view of Mt. St. Helens from the park. We left our camera at home, though. That 3 hours of hiking translated into over 2k calories burnt, which was a first for me in one day. I’ve come close before, but never actually went over! It was exciting. And my upper thighs are totally telling me that we did that much work, lmao.

Yesterday, we also did super cheat day. With how much we exercised, I didn’t actually go over my calories, but I went WELL over my carbs. I found out a few days ago that I didn’t get the job that we were so expecting me to get. It’s made me realize a lot of things recently, none very good. So, I needed some comfort food, and I had been doing very well with everything so far, so we cheated. I don’t regret it, but I feel like I overdid everything. My stomach pretty much hates me right now. Back to the grind today, and we’ll not indulge so much next time we have a cheat day (which will probably be Valentine’s…).

Since I sprained my ankle, we’ll probably have to take it easy, exercise wise. It really isn’t so bad, not even swollen anymore, a little bruised and tender, but should be healed in a couple days. Going to take it easy, do only upper body stuff (going to find my weights and use them), and not do anything heavy on my feet for a few days to let it heal properly. :) Then back to it! I hope I lose some this week. This week is also measurement week, so there is that! :) Hopefully see you in a few days!

More injuries

Except this time, it’s my knuckles!

For those that didn’t see me post EVERYWHERE, I actually split 2 of my knuckles open while exercising yesterday. While painful, it’s really good. It means that I am hitting fairly hard, and finally building up calluses! The downside is that they ARE on my knuckles, making it incredibly difficult to bandage…

Chris’ goal for me this week is that 5 lb loss again. That would be great if he got me there, because then that would negate my no loss just over a week ago. Well, almost. Close. I would really like to lose that much!

I am starting to notice a LOT with the weight loss. I can tell when I lose inches now. It’s going slow, but I think I am about a size 20 finally. My underwear has this saggy butt thing going on. It’s annoying, lol. That’s one thing that I will have to buy consistently throughout this journey: underwear. Didn’t even think of that until last night. I, luckily, have enough clothes to not have to worry about getting more until I get under a size 16. However, my face is definitely starting to get thinner. The lines that go from your nose to the corners of your mouth when you smile, that’s not nearly as deep on me. I have “dimples” where my cheek goes in, but the rest of my face just kind of got fat around, they are getting more shallow. And I can see that my neck is getting thinner. There are some other NSFanyoneelsebutChrisandI things that I have noticed, and it makes me happier. My LEGS. Holy shit, it is really weird to see how skinny my legs are getting. They aren’t super model thin, but I didn’t realize how much weight I actually had in them. And since my toes are no longer stubby, they look very similar to my brother’s feet. Bah.

So, my first 10 pounds has been lost. I only need to do that 10 more times to get to my goal. :) This week should definitely be better since I don’t have to worry about guests anymore! And my husband is on My Fitness Pal now, which makes this journey even MORE easy.

See you all in a few days. ;)

Uneventful Weigh Day

Oddly enough, I really did lose absolutely no weight. I am the exact same weight that I was before (to the tenth of a pound). However, my body fat percentage went up, so I believe I made more muscle than anything.

I am not really as phased by it as I thought I would be. It’s really nothing, considering I know that I did my best while guests have been here. And the injury didn’t help, I’m sure, because I had to go easy a couple days. Today I was able to pound it out, though. Tomorrow is my off day, but I probably won’t post. It’s supposed to be a nice and busy day. My next day off is Tuesday, and that’s when Lorien and baby Arya is leaving. I am probably going to be a bumbling mess then, but I will post. :D

I was able to do elbow stuff today, but really lightly. I tried doing it hard, but my arm twinged with pain a bit. Able to do the motion, but not able to do any damage. Soooooon. Also, my hamstring is feeling much better today. Still a little tight, but that’s okay. Shit happens.

Taking a daily vitamin today. I hate how they smell. And we’re going to drink some beer today at the PDX Holiday Ale Festival (CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE ONE OF THESE). Have to log all the beer that I will be drinking. Blarg. I am still making good choices, though! I don’t think next week will be a good weigh in, though, either.

Welp, time for that after work out shower. My sister should be home by then, and then off to downtown! Got a few things to do down there including a tea store and sushi. Woot.

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