Day 4: Totally worth everything.

Yesterday I took a day off. It was good. If I didn’t, I’m sure I would have done terrible damage to the lifting muscles in my thighs (this muscle, specifically – the opposite one was pretty angry, too). Had some menthol on them, heat compress for a bit, let the heat just sit in them, and tried to not do much yesterday. It was a good, relaxing day.

Today, I felt amazing. That one exercise I couldn’t do more than 15 of on Monday, 17 of on Tuesday, I managed to get all 20 reps in today. And it didn’t burn as much. One of the others that I was burning on by the last 5 (the one that REALLY works the vastus medialus and lateralis), I only felt the burn in the last TWO, and wasn’t feeling too shaky after. I feel really good after that, and might be able to do some cardio tomorrow!

I also decreased the amount of time I am spending on the exercises. The good side of this is that it means I am getting stronger. WOO. The bad side of this means that My Fitness Pal thinks I am not burning as much because I am not going as long. I am upset that even though I am doing the same amount of work (right now), I am not getting the calories that reflect that. However, I do understand that the stronger I get, the more likely it is that I will need more weights and stuff to burn as much.

I am seeing a change this week. I see bits of my legs under my belly that I can’t remember the last time I saw. I can see my stomach going in again. I can feel that the fat is thinning out, which is what would happen when I lost a good chunk of weight. So I am confident that this change I did is exactly what I needed. I am still not expecting much loss tomorrow, but I do expect good loss next week. :)


I posted back in February about really, REALLY bad cramping, and a sudden appearance of a period. I was told that my IUD probably fell out. Derpy me thought, “Nah, it just doesn’t do that, and I am not at risk for it!” Well, 3 months later, I finally checked for the string after the third period (NORMAL, MIGHT I ADD) since the pain. The string isn’t there. Or, at least, I can’t find it.

So I start freaking out last night. Not only do I have to figure out how to pay for an ultrasound, but I have to figure out how to pay for a new IUD if it did indeed fall out! Looked up the closest Planned Parenthood to me to get a price for at least the ultrasound. There’s one in Ashland and one in Medford. I know Medford is bigger, so I thought calling them would be best.

I call them and find out they don’t have an ultrasound machine there. “Where do you refer patients to if they need one?” I asked the very sweet woman on the phone. She tells me Ashland’s Planned Parenthood. Well, that works out well. So I call the Ashland PP and explain everything again. “No, I am pretty sure I’m not pregnant. I think I lost it in February. I am not living with my husband but I AM sexually active with him and would like this fixed asap.” The woman on the phone was a fucking pro. Got me an appointment for next Thursday, and even made sure the provider that’s there on Thursdays will be able to give me an ultrasound, just in case I need it.

Price was a major concern for me. I cried about it last night. I was scared. There are a few things that CAN go wrong if the IUD is simply dislodged or even attaching itself to my uterus. I have to make sure that it’s not in there anymore. I found out that in Oregon, if you are a citizen, you are eligible for a state grant that COMPLETELY COVERS birth control and its associated appointments. What a fucking weight off my chest! All I need is my ID and my birth certificate, which I have here, and it should be completely covered. That makes me so happy. I can even get a new IUD if the first one is for sure not in there anymore for free! I am seriously thankful for the state of Oregon and its grant fund for women like me. I really don’t know what I would do if I were in Texas…

I’ll update that next week, too! Hopefully it’s completely out and all I need is a new one. :)



So, as you can see from my title, I just got done running.

…for a whole TWO MINUTES.

The app I have has you walk for 5, run for 1 alternately for 30 minutes. Not a bad idea, really. However, I underestimated the strength I would need to do more than 2 turns of it.

I got .75 miles and couldn’t do it anymore. Muscles cramped up like crazy. Just goes to show you how much not climbing that mountain for a month will make me out of shape. I walked back, though, instead of resting. Muscles are still slightly sore, but that’s okay. Water and some sitting for a bit will help that. :)

I’m not discouraged, though. I will try again in 2 days. Maybe I can go further then. If not, I will keep going until I can do the whole thing.

I should have, however, realize that an ear infection and ear buds might not be a great mix. Not in pain while listening to everything, but holy shit, do my ears feel funny now.

So, I’m not completely dead, but I couldn’t finish the entire thing. I will keep updates of all that I do throughout the week. :)